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Rebalance of defensive gates to make them more durable and thus defensive play more viable without high-end research requiring research artifacts

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This is a very, very tiny mod that rebalances the durability of all the defensive gates. I got frustrated by 4 starving bandits with iron sticks being able to smash through my giant iron gate in 20 seconds, so I wanted to make gates tougher, so that they actually impact gameplay meaningfully and make things like mounted crossbow defenses a lot more relevant.

All this does is multiply the durability of basic gates as well as the build time, to make repairing them take an appropriate amount of time. This increased repair speed does make it so that an engineer actively repairing while the gate is being attacked has more of an impact on how long the gate lasts.

I just made this in like 5 minutes and have only tested it where I am at in my game (Defensive Gate II), so the balance may be off with other gates. Please comment and let me know if it's too over/underpowered. The balance I was aiming for, at least with Defensive Gate II is that wandering bandits or other small groups shouldn't be able to make it through the gate before a couple mounted crossbows can kill them all, making it so you can actually have a defensible base relatively early on. The other hope is that larger parties like Holy Nation Assaults and things like that will still ultimately be able to make it through the gate, but you'll have time to soften them up with crossbows before the ensuing melee.

Anyways, just thought I'd share the file in case other people were as frustrated by the tissue-paper gates as I was.