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Mod eliminate biggest weakness of hive soldiers without affecting even ground balance of this race.

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Mod gives Hive Soldiers, Fogman Soldiers, South hive Soldiers:
Immunity to Gas and Duststorm  
  • This eliminate their biggest endgame weakness and create instersting racial superiority in high risk early exploration  
  • Should made playing with hive soldiers less frustrating without giving them edge over well equipped characters from different races

Mod was clean from all possible bad records and does not do anything besides it  

in practice:  

  • Ray - (unique recruit) will be solid early force in great desert  
  • Eyegore - (Raid Boss) battle will be less trivial if you live in dusty region - seriously he can be weaker than his own soldiers bcs dust debuff + naked head
  • any player Soldier will NOT chocke to death if you visit ashland/deadland and will not made you wish to play as any other race because basic environment hazard  

mod is very similar (in spirit) to my other mod:  
All my mods for kenshi are available here