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A compilation of overhaul mods and feature/content mods created by TreadLightly77.

A new game start is recommended after installing this mod.

Permissions and credits
The mods compiled and integrated together are as follows: 
  • Minor Factions Amplified
  • Bandits Expansion
  • Hiver Expansion
  • Shek Kingdom Augmented
  • United Cities Heightened
  • The Holy Nation Ascended
  • Diverse Fauna
  • Farming Crops Enhanced
  • Lonely Recruits 
Many small changes and adjustments were made, in order to facilitate the merging of all the above mods into a planned singular mod. (Note: You do not need any of my other mods any further, just download this mod for the most updated versions of those mods.)

Adjustments were made to armor, to leave most vanilla factions with the uncolored armor they have in vanilla. Whereas, the created factions now have a colored and alternative colored option for all armor they utilize and every piece of vanilla armor. Along with this, all armor added in with this mod, both the colored and alternative colored versions, is now available for the player to buy blueprints and craft themselves.(Medium and Light versions of the Holy Chest Plate and the Samurai Armour now have blueprints available for sale in their corresponding regions/towns)

It is recommended to download one of the following player faction color scheme mods, in order to fully appreciate the armor varieties and utilize colored and secondary colored variations of armor:
  1. -Player Faction Color 1 (UWE) [red/black]
  2. -Player Faction Color 2 (UWE) [blue/tan]
  3. -Player Faction Color 3 (UWE) [orange/khaki]
  4. -Player Faction Color 4 (UWE) [green/blue]
  5. -Player Faction Color 5 (UWE) [purple/gray]

In addition, all weapons added in with this mod are now available for the player to buy blueprints and craft themselves.  

Every single character in-game was made to have a chance at having robotic limbs(where it made sense, ie. no Holy Nation characters). The chance is quite rare, but possible, making for realistic situations where a few characters in an entire town/city might have one robotic limb now. 

Race dialogue has been completely overhauled to include all the created races in this mod.(All races of hivers, including Midland and Northern, will be addressed correctly as hivers in every dialogue situation now) 

Created races were more fleshed out in the created factions.(Midland Hivers, Northern Hivers, Dra'ak, and Kezok are more thoroughly included in created factions across all the above mods.)

Animal bags were made to work properly with all the corresponding colored animals added in with Diverse Fauna

Town population levels were polished to more accurately reflect the power structure within the world, specifically in created towns and a partially rebuilt The Hub.

AI campaigns were more fleshed out, along with frequency and intensity being more polished to somewhat adjust the chance of having concurrent raids on the player base continually. Of other note, the area that some of the smaller factions’ campaigns covered was reduced by 50%.  

Lonely Recruits have been made able to engage in recruitment dialog more than once(in vanilla, most unique recruits are set-up to only be able to engage in recruitment dialog once), after much community feedback. 6 in-game hours is needed to pass before they will initiate the recruitment dialog again now.  

The Shek Kingdom was made to have their own faction armor now along with their faction’s logo displayed on the chest(Similar to both the other major factions in vanilla Kenshi).

The Dra’ak race and the Kezok race were made to have some varying racial bonuses and disadvantages in comparison to the Shek race.(The Dra'ak were made to be tougher and stronger, while the Kezok were made to be quicker and faster) 

Adjusted created factions’ “run-away ratios,” which alters the number of enemies it takes for them to decide to attack or even run away if heavily outnumbered or too many people in their squad have been injured/downed.

Stealing from any shop in-game has become much more difficult, with much harsher consequences from getting caught even sneaking inside the building of a shopkeeper.

Outhouses and the functionality to use them were added into every single medium-large town to city in-game. (You may now see civilians and military members use the outhouse periodically throughout the day.)

Added every faction's banner to each kind of gate to a town/city. (Players will be greeted by faction banners at the gates of the town itself, instead of just on the headquarters building or barracks building as in vanilla)