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Let's you buy any building in a city, and even some that aren't in cities.

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After 20 minutes of googling, 2 minutes in the FCS, and 5 minutes of testing, I present Buy Any Building!

Let's you buy any building in a city and even some that aren't in cities.

This could certainly mess things up in your playthrough if you buy things you probably shouldn't. For example, buying the throne in Blister Hill and then the Phoenix just starts wandering the wilderness for 40 years.

This was so easy to do that there must be a reason someone didn't do it before if that's enough of a warning for you.

This was done by setting "sell home" to true on all of the vanilla squads. You could probably do this for modded squads as well but please don't bug the mod makers if you break something in their mod due to this because I would prefer not to have any more people with pitchforks and torches showing up at my door.

Use at your own risk!

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