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This mod attempts to remove/reduce clipping in game by fixing meshes and introducing alternative meshes that are used in combination with some clothing that clip with other equipment.

Permissions and credits
 Fixing Clipping Issues

 What this mod does: 

The mod attempts to remove/reduce clipping in game in two ways:

1)By introducing slimmed down meshes for pants, skirts and some headgear that the game uses when you put a cloak on in combination with them. The mod does the same for boots.

2)By fixing meshes that clip even when not used in combination with other equipment.

[h1] Equipment that alternative meshes were made for: [/h1]

Drifter’s leather pants, cargopants, halfpants, all the pants that use monk mesh, wornout shorts, rag loincloth, armoured rag skirt, hack stopper pants, crab trousers, plated drifter’s leather pants, stout hessian, and female samurai leggplates.

Drifter’s leather boots, plated longboots, and all samurai boots.

Armoured hood, Bucket Zukin, Karuta Zukin and Turban.

The game already has slimmed down meshes for samurai clothpants and samurai leggplates.

Normal game meshes that have been fixed:

Drifter’s leather pants, cargopants, halfpants, hack stopper pants, crab trousers and plated drifter’s leather pants.

All coats


Extract the file and put the folder into your mods directory:
•mods folder location, if game is installed on steam:
•If such a folder doesn't exist, create one.

Known issues:

I couldn't remove all the clipping issues so there will be some minor ones, especially when you are moving, but it is still much better than what it was.


This should not conflict with other mods, but the meshes will not be applied to armors from mods that introduce new armors with old meshes like “Colored Clothes Redux”. A patch will have to be made. The same goes for new coats.


Do not reupload this mod without permission.

If anyone wants to make a patch between this and other mods or you are a mod creator who wants to use meshes from this mod as slimmed down versions for new armors (in Kenshi) you are free to do so.

If somebody wants to translate this mod into other languages and post it, you have permission to do it, just mention the original mod somewhere in the description:)


Game developer for a great game.