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This mod replaces most of the Market Stalls in game with functioning ones. New market stalls have their items on display and there is a trader to every market stall that I have placed.

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  • French
 Functioning market stalls

Older version owners have to import. Those who are starting from a save without this mod follow the instructions below if you don't want to import.

 Version 3

I have made custom collisions for every market stall and now it is possible to decorate them without using the editor. You can not place items on every shelf, but there are many places on every stall that allow item placement. (Complex collisions impact performance, so I tried to make collisions that were as simple as possible while allowing item placement in many places.)

Build the “counter chest” before the decorations, it needs more space than its size suggests due to “use nodes” and can be a little finicky to place.


What this mod does:

This mod replaces most of the Market Stalls in game with functioning ones. They have their own traders, vendor lists and items on display.

You can buy and build your own market stalls, and decorate them (need to use shift +f12).  You need to research public sales to make them function.

People will walk up to the market stalls and trade with them, like any other normal store.

Traders at the market stalls will adapt to different world states, like city is destroyed, malnourished, or taken over by a different faction.

Places that didn’t have market stall before, have them now. I tried to place them in logical locations and no to overdo it.

There will be 1 market stall trader in major cities, that buys illegal and stolen stuff. (You will still be caught if those things are stolen in the same city from the same faction)

While replacing market stalls I have also fixed some clipping issues in cities, tried not to overdo it so that this won’t conflict with other mods to much.

I have made a light version of the mod as well. It functions exactly the same as the main one, the only difference being that only 1-3 traders in every city will actually have money and vendor lists. The rest will have 1 random item and less than 100 cats.


Extract the file and put the folder into your mods directory:
•mods folder location, if game is installed on steam:
•If such a folder doesn't exist, create one.

Here is how you make your market stalls work and how you decorate them:

After researching public sales you will have 2 sub menus in your building menu: Market stalls, and market stall decorations. The first one has every market stall you can build and a chest you need to place on them for them to actually function. The second one has items you can place on your stalls to decorate them.

Buy or build a stall, after that build “Small chest counter” on your stall (this part is a little bit finicky but the chest is placeable on every stall, you just have to rotate it a bit. You can’t build decorations near the chest, it is small but the game doesn’t allow building of other items right next to it due to “use nodes”, they are needed). Decorate your stalls however you want.

Try to put the chest somewhere near the front of the stall, because NPCs trying to buy from you will go to the chest.

How to use without importing. Only works on save files that do not have any versions of this mod:

1.Start your game without this mod, and go somewhere empty, (the most important thing here is to be somewhere, where no areas with market stalls are loaded, which are most towns villages and bases.)
2. Save your game and exit.
3.Start the game with the mod and load your save.

If you haven’t followed this procedure and now have an area with double market stalls, you will probably have to import or follow this procedure with a save file that never had my mod in it.

Note that if you have done some terrain or building editing in areas with market stalls through shift+f12, and saved that. Than you will probably have to import, this depends on what leveldata your game saved into your save file.


If you are using other mods that contain leveldata (they edit buildings in towns or add new ones) you should generally load my mod after them. That is because this mod not only moves buildings around but deletes all old market stalls and they will generally reappear (often right in the middle of the new stalls) if you load another mod (that edits leveldata in the same locations) after my one.

Load Reactive World after this mod to avoid compatibility issues.

If  are using Cities Rebalanced mod use the patch made by that mod creator, it can be found here.

Loading one mod after another is very easy, every time you load your game you are shown all the mods you have and their load order. In that same menu you can use arrows to change the load order.

Known issues:

Sometimes you might have to bump in to traders to be able to talk to them.

NPCs will walk up to the market stalls and trade with them even after closing hours, when traders have walked away from their stalls.


Do not reupload this mod without permission.

If anyone wants to make a patch between this and other mods you are free to do so.

If somebody wants to translate this mod into other languages and post it, you have permission to do it, just mention the original mod somewhere in the description:)


Game developer for a great game.