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A mod augmenting the Shek KIngdom by fleshing out the spawns in certain towns and cities, along with the addition of more bar squads and roaming squads in various biomes.
Added in shek squatters squads to many abandoned Shek Kingdom buildings.

In addition, a new shek sub-race was created called the Kezok.

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This mod is no longer being updated or supported... for a more updated version of this mod's assets and a more immersive experience with said assets, check out my mod:
Universal Wasteland Expansion
^Which is being actively developed and supported, for the foreseeable future...

A mod that expands upon the Shek Kingdom and somewhat lengthens their reach and heightens their organization. 

Bar squads were added to various Shek Kingdom towns and cities. 

Roaming squads were added to most Shek Kingdom cities.

Shek Kingdom biome squads were added and were made somewhat more varied. 

Shek squatters were added to many abandoned Shek buildings that had little to no use prior to setting squatter squads to utilize the space. 

A new Shek sub-race, the Kezok, was added and spread throughout every Shek Kingdom spawn and even into some other faction spawns, where Shek race spawns were present.

Additionally, all shek armor and clothing was altered to use their preferred faction color, when possible.