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The Chosen One - An Overpowered Start

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About this mod:
Kenshi is a brutal game, but sometimes you just want to mess around. Wouldn't it be great to start with nearly maxed out skills on one of your characters? Wouldn't it be cool to play a game where you didn't have to worry much about money? Well now you can.

With this mod you can run over and buy up all of the ruined buildings in The Hub to rebuild the town at the start of the game, or start a slave uprising as soon as you start playing. You can go pound some Swamp Ninja into the mud with your bare fists, then run off and get murdered by some Blood Spiders and Fog Men due to your overconfidence. The choice is yours.


The Chosen One
Your parents were obscenely wealthy and cruel. From a young age you were groomed to be the best at everything. Excellence was expected, and failure never tolerated. The best tutors money could buy greeted you each morning, and instructed you before you went to bed. Your life was hell.

One night you poisoned the estate guards, murdered your parents, and burned the estate. You then drank yourself into a black out stupor and wandered south into a storm, waking with bloodied bank notes and no clue where you ended up.

Staring Conditions: One Million Cats.
90+ Points in all skills and attributes except for perception (can't be modded with official tool in Beta 0.98).
You wake up with a hang over in the Slave Market.

The Chosen Ones
You were trained your entire life for perfection, but you weren't the only one to reach such heights. On your travels you've met a roboticist who's been enhanced through AI augmentation, an engineer who's mechanical and chemical augmentations match your level, and a mad scientist who has been altered by deranged experiments to reach similar heights.

You set out together as misunderstood outcasts with the brilliance and skill to do almost anything. Will you change the world? Will you settle? Will you simply drift and explore? The choice is yours, none can command you.

Staring Conditions: One Million Cats
4 Characters with 90+ Points in all skills except for mass and perception
You start in Heft with a lot of high end research materials and some great weapons.


Extract to Kenshi\mods and then enable the mod in the launcher.

Avaliable on Nexus Mods.
Please do not re-upload on Steam Workshop, they are monopolistic and anticompetitive and house thousands of stolen mods.
I never even would have learned about Kenshi if not for GoG, it's invisible on Steam, buried under mountains of absolute trash asset flips and games that belong on newgrounds.