Kena: Bridge of Spirits
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60 fps AI-interpolated cutscenes with plans for different resolutions and framerates in the future

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  1. I grabbed the base game files and first put them through Topaz Gigapixel AI to clean up the images a little to decrease any chances of further lowered image quality from re-encoding. The upscaled 24 fps files look even better than the original at the same frame!
  2. I then used an interpolation AI called RIFE to interpolate the frames to 96 fps with a framecap set to 60 fps as the game seems to break with higher fps video. It took around 14gb of vram to render the videos.
  3. Lastly I made sure the videos were encoded in h264 since the videos won't work if they are not encoded as such.


  1. Backup any original cutscene files located beforehand! They will be located in C:\(path to game install)\Kena Bridge of Spirits\Kena\Content\MoviesPC\Cutscenes or wherever you stored the game files.
  2. Replace the files with the ones provided by this mod.
  3. Enjoy!
Future Plans:

  • I do have the very same video files re-encoded to 192 fps at higher bitrates and it looks absolutely beautiful, however the game's built-in video player doesn't seem to support it. The videos end up playing in slow-motion. I'll try and look for ways to circumvent this as well as enabling hevc/h.265 support for smaller files.
  • I plan on doing 48fps as well since it should have less judder for those playing on 144hz monitors if there is any demand. Most people probably won't notice a different though.
  • I also might do a very high bitrate verion for those less concerned about storage and want as much graphical detail as possible.
  • I have also upscaled the tutorial videos from 1080p to 4k with plans to add 60fps. Will add them later.