Jurassic World Evolution 2

About this mod

This includes every dinosaur from this game. See this as kind of a joke mod, just found it funny.

Permissions and credits
Shout Outs
Thanks to Wondersgta Gaming YT for helping me with a few images, setting up the Main File and making the videos!

Install Instructions
For install instructions there is a readme inside the Main File. For the specific downloads, download them and put the ovl and ovs files inside their respective folders and replace the original files. It is recommended to make a backup!
Dsungaripterus, Kronosaurus, Minmi and Wuerhosaurus are located in ContentPDLC1.
Monolophosaurus and Scorpios Rex are located in ContentPDLC2.
Dimetrodon is located in ContentPDLC3.
All the other dinosaurs are located in Content0.

I didn't change anything in their pattern, just gave them glow, so most of them look pretty cursed.