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This mod buffs the combat stats of most large herbivores in the game, making them on par with their rival carnivores on every level.

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No longer will herbivores be the punching bags that JWE has always forced them to be. No, now our adorable scaly vegans can be the battle beasts they always were meant to be! This mod buffs the combat stats of most herbivores in-game, making sauropods the titans they ought to be, and animals like triceratops a proper rival to the tyrant lizard king.

Armored herbivores like ankylosaurus have a significantly larger defense stat, making them nearly invulnerable to most carnivores. On the other hand, herbivores with a more offensive edge have had their offensive ability boosted, allowing them to dish out a heck of a punch (meaning a 1v1 between a triceratops and tyrannosaurus can be a toss-up). 

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this mod, sauropods, our favorite vegan titans such as dreadnoughtus or brachiosaurus have had their defense and offense stats notably buffed. Now, even multiple attacks from apex predators like giga or tyrannosaurus won't be able to take one down. The only way a large sauropod can be killed now is if it's already injured, starving, or sick. Due to this, large sauropods no longer flee from any predator in the game!


Simply unzip the downloaded file and copy the HerbivoreRevamp file to your ovldata folder, then enjoy the new balance of power in your parks!

(Header image mods used: Kaiodenic's Expanded Foliage Brush, HyperSG's Shantungosaurus)