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(requires the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack to use - version 1.0 - fixed hatchery/archive thumbnail and added proper LODs) Adds Psittacosaurus to the game as a brand-spanking new species!

Permissions and credits
After much toiling and frustration, it's here: a standalone version of the Psittacosaurus I released back in April. If you want a Psittacosaurus in your park but aren't willing to sacrifice your Homalocephale to get your hands on one, now's your chance!

The Herbivore Dinosaur Pack DLC must be installed for this dinosaur to appear in your game (I have a feeling Frontier would come knocking if I made it not require the pack given that it's an edit of the Homalocephale), and I have had several reports that the Homalocephale must be unlocked in a given save file to avoid crashing the game (I have not yet tested whether or not this is the case or just faulty mod installation). As this is a standalone species, no backups for a pre-existing dinosaur are included in the download. That said, you should still backup your ovldata folder and your pre-existing saved games for good measure!

To install, either drag/drop or copy/paste the 'Psittacosaur' folder to the following directory: steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata
Take care not to drop it into any of the other folders in ovldata, and don't replace anything in the other folders if you don't want a messed up game!

ACSE Patch
The ACSE patch moves the Psittacosaurus research icon to the Global Operations menu for extra compatability with other mods. The installation procedure for the ACSE patch is a smidge more complex than installing the mod itself, so I'll go step by step:

  • Download ACSE/the Awesome Cobra Script Extender from https://github.com/OpenNaja/ACSE/releases, the download link should read 'Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender.zip'
  • If you didn't already download it to the directory, move the Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender.zip file to the following directory 'Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata\'
  • Extract the file. If you're using 7Zip, which is what I use for all of this, make sure you click 'Extract Here' instead of any of the other options. If a folder named 'ACSE' appears after you extract the file, you've installed it correctly and you can delete the .zip file (not the folder). If a folder named 'Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender' appears, delete that folder (not the .zip file, you still need that) and try again.
  • Download the ACSE patch for the Psittacosaurus and drop the provided Main.ovl into the Psittacosaur folder.

Depending on how many ACSE-reliant mods you already have installed, you may encounter a strange issue when using the ACSE patch: the Psittacosaurus research icon may overlap with one of the pre-existing icons in the Global Operations menu, making the icon unselectable. To remedy this issue, follow these steps:
  • Right click to leave the Global Operations menu and go back to the base research menu
  • Enter the Fossils menu
  • Right click to leave the Fossils menu
  • Re-enter the Global Operations menu. The Psittacosaurus icon should now be selectable.

ID: 8517
Known Issues
  • Brachiosaurus icon in map view (this is consistent with all of the other new species added by other modders thus far)
  • Without the ACSE patch, the hitbox on the research icon is a little wonky, you have to click its right edge to select it

This is my first successful attempt at introducing a new dinosaur to the game so there's bound to be a few other issues (hopefully nothing major!), so report anything serious you find. Special thanks to the Frontier Modding Club for helping fix some of the issues that abounded in the initial versions.