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(requires ACSE, read the description for installation instructions - latest version requires the latest version of ACSE and the Wu and Claire expansions) Implements the Yoshi and Garfield mods as brand new species (yes, really). Released for April Fool's Day 2021.

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After much(?) anticipation(?), two classic(?) mods have finally been converted into new species for everyone(?) to enjoy(?): the Prasinosaurus; a semi-realistic, semi-spec evo jab at Yoshi, and Garfield; a nondescript cartoon cat.

Though they are conversions of their respective original mods, they have been updated to be of slightly better quality. Of note are Garfield's normal and ambient occlusion maps being reworked and Yoshi having a new suite of colorful cosmetic genes and a fixed tongue. Both new species are unlocked with high Entertainment reputation in the campaign, Yoshi unlocking on Isla Muerta and Garfield unlocking on Isla Sorna respectively.

This mod requires a mod called the Awesome Cobra Script Extender/ACSE, specifically the latest version of the mod (v1.1). The installation procedure is as follows:

Download the latest version of ACSE/the Awesome Cobra Script Extender from https://github.com/OpenNaja/ACSE/releases/tag/1.1, the download link should read 'Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender.zip'
  • If you didn't already download it to the directory, move the Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender.zip file to the following directory:
  • 'Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata\'
  • Extract the file. If you're using 7Zip, which is what I use for all of this, make sure you click 'Extract Here' instead of any of the other options. If a folder named 'ACSE' appears after you extract the file, you've installed it correctly and you can delete the .zip file (not the folder). If a folder named 'Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender' appears, delete that folder (not the .zip file, you still need that) and try again.
  • Download this very mod
  • Either drag/drop or copy/paste the 'YoshGarfPack' folder to the following directory: 'steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata'. Do not rename the folder, and do not put the folder in any of the folders already inside of ovldata.

Depending on how many ACSE-reliant mods you already have installed, you may encounter a strange issue when using the ACSE patch: Garfield and Yoshi's research icons may overlap with one of the pre-existing icons in the Medical Treatment menu, making the icon unselectable. To remedy this issue, follow these steps:

  • Right click to leave the Medical Treatment menu and go back to the base research menu
  • Enter another research submenu - Genetic Research is a good pick
  • Right click to leave that menu
  • Re-enter the Medical Treatment menu. The icons should now be selectable. If you are unhappy with the layout of the menu or it still does not let you click the icons, retry the process with a different submenu

IDs: 61978 and 61990

Known Issues

  • The Prasinosaurus's human kill animation is a tiny bit off (a bit too far back), the goat kill animation is likely that way too
  • Not a bug, but worth mentioning regardless: in general, Garfield is weird, not in an aggressively buggy way but because he's a carnivore with the sauropod rig

If you find any serious issues that aren't acknowledged above, please do report them; the more descriptive the reports the better, "game crashed
please help" isn't something I can go off of very well.