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Retextureing of the JWE terrain with the aim of providing a more polished, more natural feel and allowing an easy creation of paleo-exhibits.

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Hello and thank you for looking at my environment mod!

General description:

I did not necessarily want to replace the vanilla color range with something radically different. Instead I decided to replace the textureswith more detailed, less flat and more natural looking equivalents.

This is more of a "remaster mod" than a "total conversion mod". I trust that you should be able to launch your existing save games and
enjoy the mod without having to re-edit each of your existing exhibits.

The philosophy behind the texture choice is similar to that which I follow
when creating a camouflage pattern. The separate terrain types are
similar enough to allow a smooth transition from one another in a mixed exhibit, but they are also different enough that they do not blend into a uniform color blob when looked at from afar.


For a perfect paleo-exhibit I would advise you to try experimenting with various combinations of
dirt, sand and shrubs. My textures are much more suited to a
mix-and-match approach than the vanilla ones.

The vanilla ground textures were not very well suited for grassless exhibits, as the default dirt and sand textures were bland, uniform and devoid of any greenery. Thus, a vanilla paleo-exhibit would inevitably end up feeling barren, more like a desert than a Jurassic savannah or woodland.

My own dirt textures is a mixed brown-green, with green accents to represent moss or lycopod patches. The sand texture is coarser and "more earthy" so that placing it underneath vanilla shrubs should produce a much more natural looking effect than using vanilla sand.


The mod replaces the vanilla grass, dirt, sand and shrub textures, as well as making the vanilla short grass a bit darker.


Version 1.1 - introduced new shale texture.