Jurassic World Evolution
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About this mod

The Ultimate Mixed Eras mod for Sandbox & Challenge --- All dinos, genes, and buildings --- Turns JP Era into a fully featured game mode on par with JW era

Permissions and credits
Trello for tracking mod progressKaiodenic's JWE Modding Trello

The Definitive Jurassic Park Gamemode

-- Core Features --

Ultimate Mixed Eras
JP Era Overhaul contains ALL the changes added in Ultimate Mixed Eras

  • All buildings
  • All dinosaurs and genes
  • Jeep Track Crossings for Guest Paths (Video Guide link)
  • Monorail Stops

Base Mixed Eras Features
Basic JP-appropriate features slightly adjusted from Ultimate Mixed Eras

  • All dinosaurs added to JP.
  • The Dinosaur Roster order is slightly adjusted for the JP timeline. Some animals require reputation to unlock.
  • All Global Operations added to JP.
  • All Dr. Wu genes added to JP.
  • All the hybrids added to JP.
  • JP Tour Gates and Arrival Gates added to the Scenery menu.
  • JW narrow paths (wide paths would include JW flags).
  • JW fences have had their strengths adjusted so they're not a replacement for JP fences.

Fence Strength Order:

Advanced Mixed Eras Features
JW features unlocked in JP through reputation or star rating

  • JW Fences and Walls (early to late game)
  • Viewing Galleries (mid-game)
  • Viewing Towers (mid-game)
  • The ACU (late game)
  • Palaeobotany (mid game)
  • Hybrids (end-game)

All of the above are unlocked using the new expanded Jurassic Park Faction reputation system
Unlock Order:

Expanded Gameplay Features
Some extra features added to keep the late/end-game interesting

  • Cross Species Adaptation 2.0 (late-game)
  • Cross Species/Group Adaptation 3.0 (end-game)
  • Ranger Scheduling 2.0 (late-game)
  • Second Greenhouse (end-game)

Unlock Order:

Quality-of-Life Features
Minor additions to help with gameplay

Pure Jurassic Park theme early-game, expandable Jurassic World features later on

Keeping the early-game feeling purely Jurassic Park is a core tenet of the mod. All Jurassic World features unlock later on and require some extra work.

Adjusted Dinosaur Unlock Order
  • All JW dinosaurs are available in JP
  • Unlocked in a different order based on:
  • - Threat
  • - Pop-culture status
  • - Appearance in JP Franchise
  • - "Cool" factor
  • More info under: Adjusted Dinosaur Roster Order further down this page.

  • Contracts were rebalanced to be more rewarding, more often.
  • Each faction leader was given character traits and goals in Jurassic Park that affect their rewards.
  • Rather than being "rewards," contract unlockables are things you and the faction leader both work towards discovering.
  • JW features are unlocked using contracts. This way, JP era is purely JP themed without contract work.
  • JW features unlock after JP features.
  • Grant: Fossil Digging, Carnivores, Palaeobiology (Dinosaur Socialisation)
  • Sattler: Dinosaur Care/Safety, Herbivores, Palaeobotany
  • Hammond:  Entertainment, Security, Groundbreaking Research
  • More info under: More Rewarding and Thematic Reputation Rewards.

Current dinosaur unlock order: Roster v3.0
Current reputation trees: Reputation Trees v4.0

Results of the old polls (I left them up after updates):
Strawpoll 1
Strawpoll 2
JPEO 1.6 Opinion Poll

-- Add Ons --
Optional JPEO Addons to make the JP Era Experience even better

There are a few features that may not be to everyone's tastes, so they're being released as separate addons.
These are treated like DLC and don't replace any files.
The addons will be released over the next few days.

01: Jurassic Dinosaurs
What is it
Rebalances dinosaur stats so they reflect the new unlock order.
Uses similar values to Expedition Charter.

Easy: Same general stats range as vanilla JWE.
Hard: Lowered stats (because JP era requires a lower dinosaur rating to advance).

Where can I get it
In the Optional Files section of this mod's Files tab!

02: JPower
What is it
Adds a whole host of unique power mechanics to Jurassic Park era.
  • Geothermal power stations now generate an excess of energy at a high price
  • The cost and power output can be reduced with Power Resistance upgrades, however they introduce a slight outage risk.
  • Over the course of the game, you can release your hold over this power as you get a higher income and more outage-reducing upgrades.
  • Outage risks in general are made very small to encourage pushing your power stations past their limits - it's almost 100% safe... Until it isn't.
  • New Jurassic Park era Nuclear Power Plants that can be used in conjuction with Geothermal Power Stations, for a different approach to power generation with a different set of mechanics.

Where can I get it
On a separate mod page. Coming soon!

03: Unique Faction Buildings
What is it
Adds unique effects to JW faction buildings.
For now: Power, Shelter, WeatherProtection.
Once more scripts are editable: Visibility + Guest Satisfaction, Power + Shelter, Storm Protection + Science Building Buffs.

Where can I get it
This is out already: Unique Faction Buildings

04: Expedition Charter
What is it
This is a standalone mod intended to be used with JPEO.
It changes fossil unlocking to per-digsite rather than per-species, then runs as far as it can with that idea.
The mod also works to reduce vanilla JWE grind in exchange for more fun, freeform and deeper mechanics.
NOTE: Expedition Charter is currently incompatible with JPEO 1.6. An update to make them compatible again will come out soon.

Where can I get it
On the Expedition Charter mod page: Expedition Charter

05: Evolution Genesis
A submod that converts JP era into as near a replica of JPOG as possible. More info on this soon...

06: JTunnels
A tunnel system for JP Era. The Jurassic Park equivalent of Monorails. More info on this soon...

-- Deep Dive --
And now, for the info dumps - feel free to skip this, it's spoilery and only important if you're super interested

Adjusted Dinosaur Roster Order

More Rewarding and Thematic Reputation Rewards

Future Changes
A list of things that I've either gathered from your suggestions or come up with while playing. All this stuff is definitely doable and will end up in the mod, but might take some time to balance so hasn't made it in quite yet.

Suggestions and Bugs
I always appreciate all constructive feedback. If there's a feature you'd like to see in the mod, I'd love to hear about it. The same goes for features that you'd like changed or scrapped. Anyone can leave suggestions in the Posts or Forum section!

Alternatively, feel free to message me directly either here or on Discord - You can find me on the Frontier Modding Club Discord channel, or my Twitch Discord channel.

If you see any bugs at all, please leave a summary of them in the Bugs sections - I'm still working on the mod and haven't had the time to fully test all the features in all the ways they can be used during a regular game.

Guides and Showcases
Tutorials and videos showcasing the mod's features. If you made a video on the mod, let me know and I'll add it here!