Jurassic World Evolution

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  • Looking Back

    It's been one hell of a journey, from the very beginning in December, to now in August, JPEP was the first big project that i got to start, work, finish and update, and guess what? It was a success, i'm very thankful for this, i really am, with nearly 5.000 downloads, many likes and a lot of positive feedback towards it, JPEP was a great experience, but, not everything last forever.
    As for now, Secrets of Isla Sorna aka Update 1.4, is the last update for the modpack, at least the last for now, Jurassic World Evolution isn't updated with new content since December, so i ran out of things to add, and my interest in the game is lower than ever, it became more entertaining to work on this modpack than play the game itself, and looking at all people who loved and got into the game once a...

  • Update 1.4 Update Log

    "And now it's only a matter of time, before this, Lost World, is found and pillaged" The Update 1.4 just got released! Below you can read the full Update Log and see what changed:

    -93 Tyrannosaurus
    -93 Triceratops Head Fix
    -97 Tyrannosaurus Buck & Doe
    -97 Compsognathus
    -97 Velociraptor
    -97 Stegosaurus
    -97 Pachycephalosaurus
    -97 Parasaurolophus
    -97 Mamenchisaurus
    -97 Baryonyx
    -NEW 97 Pteranodon
    -NEW 98 Albertosaurus
    -NEW 97 Edmontosaurus
    -NEW 97 Corythosaurus
    -01 Tyrannosaurus Bull
    -01 Stegosaurus
    -01 Parasaurolophus
    -NEW 01 Pteranodon
    -01 Corythosaurus
    -01 Ankylosaurus
    -01 Brachiosaurus