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-- Vastly expands the dinosaur AI, adding a variety of completely new behaviours and simulation mechanics to dinosaurs. --
-- This is NOT just a stat overhaul! It can be used with dinosaur stat mods too. --
-- Comes with a manager for modders to add these behaviours to their new species! --

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Breathing life into your dinosaurs

The mod expands the dinosaur behaviours and fixes existing behaviours to make dinosaurs more diverse and less stilted, and improve gameplay. This is done by both adding much more depth and variety to existing mechanics, and adding some all-new mechanics to the game.

Note: If you're updating from an older version of ACSE, remove that one before updating to 1.1. There seems to be an issue with unclean updates that has been causing some crashing.

So far, the mod overhauls:
  • Tranquilisation: Lying down (instead of ragdolling). Waking up when shot with medicine.
  • Movement: Heavy dinosaurs not running everywhere (unless they really need to).
  • Diets: Omnivores (vanilla and modded dinosaurs).
  • Herding: More types of Dominance Displays, and below max social.
  • Stress: A whole new system for Peaceful dinosaurs dealing with stress without actively hunting fences and people.
  • Intelligence: Fence-testing from Velociraptors and the movie hybrids.
  • Biome Adaptations: Custom Semi-Arid and Arid type water-need changes.

With much more already in-development for future releases.
A lot of these are demonstrated in videos at the bottom of the mod page.

The mod affects both vanilla and modded dinosaurs. To help you see which modded dinosaurs are affected:
  • Vanilla Dinosaurs are listed in blue.
  • Modded Dinosaurs are listed in yellow.

Modders Resource
The mod script includes an interface which allows other modders to add these features to their new-species dinosaurs. A setup demo with instructions is included in the Optional Files.

Wondersgta put together a comprehensive installation guide for this mod - big thanks to him for this!

Better Tranquilisation

  • Dinosaurs will lay down and sleep when tranquilised.
  • Medicine darts wake tranquilised dinosaurs. They will wake up a few seconds after being shot - the exact waking time is based on their weight.

Video Demos:

Better Dinosaur Movement

Movement has been reworked to reflect each dinosaur's weight. Heavy dinosaurs will no longer run around all over the place and will instead act their size. They can still run if scared or desperate, however.

  • Only small dinosaurs can sprint whenever they feel like it (Up to the weight of a Pachycephalosaurus).
  • Heavy dinosaurs will (almost) always walk towards sources of food and water, and when roaming.
  • Heavy dinosaurs can run towards food and water if they're almost in the red (at or below 35% hunger or thirst).

Video Demos:

Dinosaurs can finally have omnivorous diets. Only specific dinosaurs are omnivorous and they each have different preferences. This affects a few vanilla dinosaurs and any modded omnivore I've listed.
Omnivores will eat food based on their preference, however only one food type is available then will eat what's available.
Only primary carnivores can hunt (primary herbivores don't have hunting animations).
V0.2: Now includes Piscivores and Obligate diets!

Dietary Preferences:

Video Demos:

Better Herding: Dominance Displays

Dominance displays now occur a a lot more often in the species that can take part in them and they are balanced per-species. They come with a lot of variety to keep them interesting, the exact behaviour you see depends on the species, diet and random chance. Dinosaurs will square off against each other between one and three times, then conclude the fight in one of a few ways.


Video Demos:

Better Stress
The way stress is handled in JWE never made sense. All dinosaurs, regardless of disposition, become hunters hell-bent on breaking out and killing everyone as soon as they're stressed. This is how some animals can act, but it is an unrealistically rare reactions for all animals to act like this. Therefore, Stress has had an extensive overhaul in this mod.

Aggressive dinosaurs will still act like they used to, but we now also have Peaceful dinosaurs that will react in different, more interesting ways to stress.
Peaceful Dinosaurs comprise the following families:
  • Ornithomimidae
  • Hadrosauridae
  • Iguanodontidae
  • Nodosauridae

As well as these select species from otherwise aggressive groups:
  • Compsognathus
  • Homalocephale
  • Nigersaurus

The exact set of reactions depends on the family and even species, but dinosaurs can:
  • Walk up to fences with guests and call out for help (trying to get help from their human sources of food and care)
  • Stop eating while stressed (Stress-starving)
  • Hit fences out of frustration (Not actively attacking a fence until it breaks like a carnivore would, but still intermittently hitting the same few fences)
  • Fall comatose when their Comfort hits 0% (and wake up again when it goes out of the red)

The exact reactions can be seen on this chart:
(Default affects all dinosaurs in that family, included modded dinosaurs, that aren't individually listed)

Video Demos:

Intelligent Scheming
Introducing, the Scheming mechanic.

Intelligent dinosaurs (Velociraptor, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor) are assigned an Intelligence stat. This will make certain dinosaurs periodically attempt to execute "schemes" in your park. These are rare enough to not be a pain, but still mean you have to keep an eye on your intelligent dinosaurs. For now the only released scheme is Testing Fences.

Testing Fences:
  • Intelligent dinosaurs will periodically "test fences."
  • They will go up to a fence and attack it in one of three attack variations, then flee the scene in an attempt to obscure both themselves and the attacked fence from park staff.
  • This is balanced to occur rarely with 4 raptors present. It will be even rarer with less raptors, and slightly more common with more raptors.
  • They can choose to do this every time they're idle, so you can occasionally get two back-to-back attacks or no attacks for a very long time.
  • Attacks are the most common right after you load a save file because all dinosaurs idle when that happens.

Video Demos:

Biome Adaptations
Animals evolve to make the most of their environments - this is true of dinosaurs as well. The mod will attempt to represent this where appropriate with biome adaptations.
Currently the mod contains two biome adaptations:

  • The dinosaur acquires a significant portion of its fluids from the food it consume. Therefore, semi-arid dinosaurs need to drink a bit less often than non-arid dinosaurs
  • Affects: Styracosaurus, Nemegtosaurus, Gobievenator.

  • The dinosaur has adapted to environments almost completely lacking in water, and so it gets all its fluids from its food. These dinosaurs need a food source, but can be placed in an enclosure without water.
  • Affects: Protoceratops, Pinacosaurus.

Video Demos:

Future Updates
Lots of exciting new stuff is coming in future updates - make sure to Track the mod!
Trello Progress Page
  • Better Herding: New friendly and aggressive interactions and sleeping preferences
  • Better Packing: New pack interactions and proto-pack-hunting
  • More biome adaptations
  • Omnivory 2.0: Piscivores and a deeper omnivory system for preferences.
  • Better Scheming: More schemes for different types of dinosaurs.
  • Better Stress: Even more stress reactions, aggressive and peaceful.