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Adds Diabloceratops to the game as an additional species. No DLC is require.

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Update 2 : 

- Rework of the UI Icons for the Diabloceratops
- Adds of an alternate skins for the null, alpine and rainforest.  The UI Icons is also rework for this alt skins ! It's up to you to choose the one your prefer :)
- I find a little mistake on the italian loc file that I correct ! I hope this should fix the bug that Christian474 posted ! 

If someone want to help me for the others languages I don't made. I don't have the time or the courage to do them for now ! If you are interested on this project, don't hesitate to message me ! :) 


Update 1 :

This mod now use ACSE and Diabloceratops can be researched !

You can download ACSE here :
Drag and drop the ACSE file, after unzipped it, in the ovldata file

Bug fixes :
- Adds Diabloceratops's sound
- Adds UI Icons 
- Adds all languages but for now I personnalised only the English (UK and US), French, German. For the others, when I can, I change the codename and the name but I don't personnalised  yet. Russian, Japanese, Korean, SimpleChinese and TraditionnalChinese remains the same. If someone can give me some help for the trad, it will be awesome !

Thanks for all your support and feel free to share your advise, tips and thoughts ! 


I finally did it !
Here is my first new species : Diabloceratops.

It doesn't replace Nasutoceratops anymore. I also improve the frills horns as recommended by some of you :)

This mod is still work in progress. I only check for the sandbox for now.

Know issues :
- No sound
- No UI Icons
- No name
- Others languages not implemented yet
- No ASCE yet

Feel free to share any bugs of any test you can do on your own ! 

Here you can find my Diabloceratops replacement version : https://www.nexusmods.com/jurassicworldevolution/mods/1009