Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

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A complete texture overhaul for JPOG.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a compilation of HD skins from various skinners, created by Doudda who managed to get HD skins working ingame and upgraded the resolution of the terrain folder files. It covers all JPOG texture.

What will this mod include :
Real HD dinos Skins
An upgraded terrain resolution
HD flora
Upgraded Buildings resolution
Upgraded Fences resolution
Some misc..

Project Leader(Upgrading the resolution ingame and some lights enchancements"ENB Series"..):
Doudda (along with Terrain 2 and meat+some grass )

Members (Skinners):
Jack Mills (Velociraptor/pachycephalosaurus/gallimimus/triceratops/stegosaurus/ceratosaurus/edmontosaurus/sky/grass/cow and goat/excrement)
Repodreptiles (Carcharodontosaurus male skin and female skin/allosaurus/flora)
Mamenchi (Spinosaurus/tyrannosaurus/terrain/sky/grass)
MrGorsh (Albertosaurus/Ankylosaurus/Buildings/Fences)
Nad 4 (Parasaurolophus/corythosaurus/ouranosaurus/homalocephale/dryosaurus/styracosaurus/brachiosaurus/camarasaurus/acrocanthosaurus/umbrella/tombstone)
Mister Nublar (Dilophosaurus/torosaurus/kentrosaurus)

Original topic : www.jplegacy.org/board/showthread.php?t=23408

Mirror : www.moddb.com/mods/dje-mod/downloads/dje-mod-release