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Gives rain a more translucent and natural look, and fixes the visibility problems it can cause (particularly for people playing with HDR enabled).

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The rain in this game just looks like long, white streaks falling from the sky. Not only does it look bad, but it can actually make it very difficult to see in dark areas when it's raining (particularly if you're playing with HDR enabled, which makes dark areas much darker and brightens the rain more). This mod aims to fix the visibility issues that the rain causes and also give it a more translucent, natural look.

Customization Options

Medium Density: Default amount of rain.
High Density: Increases amount of rain by about 50%.

Option A - (Very Light)
  • Reduced brightness of rain by 70%
  • Reduced height of rain strokes by 40-85%

Option B - (Light)
  • Reduced brightness of rain by 60%
  • Reduced height of rain strokes by 40-85%

Option C - (Somewhat Light)
  • Reduced brightness of rain by 50%
  • Reduced height of rain strokes by 40-85%

Option D - (Medium)
  • Reduced brightness of rain by 40%
  • Reduced height of rain strokes by 40-85%

The height of each rain stroke texture is reduced by a different amount so not all rain strokes are the same size (as they are in the original game), which helps give the rain a more natural look. Reducing the brightness of rain strokes makes the rain appear more translucent, rather than pure white, increasing visibility.

Since this is a texture mod it needs to be packed into the game's Initial.bin archive in order for it to work (if it's packed into a new archive it will just be ignored by the game). I cannot upload modified versions of the Initial.bin archive because the original file is over 16 GB. Unfortunately, this means that the installation process for this mod needs to be a bit more complicated.

1) Download and extract the mod. Choose either the medium density or high density option.
2) Make sure you now have one "Natural Rain" folder with a "shaders" folder directly inside of it.
3) Download the latest version of DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe and place it in a folder somewhere. (Don't run it yet)
4) Open Horizon: Zero Dawn's install directory, find oo2core_3_win64.dll, copy it to the folder with DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe.
Install directory: Steam library → right-click game → Properties... → Local Files → Browse...
5) Open DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe, click "Browse" button, navigate to the "Natural Rain" folder, click "Select Folder" button.
6) Decima Explorer should list the following two files:
7) Make sure the file structure is exactly as it is listed above (ignore the file sizes), then click "Pack" button.
8) In the window that pops up, navigate to the "Packed_DX12" folder within the game's install directory and select the "Initial.bin" file.
[Install directory]\Packed_DX12\Initial.bin
9) Wait for the program to pack the modified files into the Initial.bin archive. (May take a few minutes)

To uninstall the mod you will need to verify the game's cache through Steam, unless you have a backup copy of the original Initial.bin archive.

If you're interested in modding games yourself you can check my Game Modding Communities spreadsheets for relevant Discord servers and websites.