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(A .ZIP installer-less version is available) This is a quick patcher executable program that adds Health Bars to enemy's, a Mods folder, an Optional 21:9 Patch, and a Debug mode mod for God Mode so you can tell those bosses to Git Gud!

Permissions and credits
 (Text updated 06/28/21)

   _______________-The Git Gud Patch-_______________

 Version 1.1 *Just a note that I prob won't be able to update this anymore, work keeps me from keeping up with this. :(
*Note: You will need to Roll-Back to Hollow Knight "" from "1.5" for now.
You can do this in Steam in your HK Steam Game Settings and switching to "Beta" As HK 1.5 has broken mods, waiting for API update.
If you still run a 32-Bit PC you will also have to "Roll-Back" to HK "" as "1.5" cuts 32-Bit PC Support
for upgrade to 64-Bit Microsoft NET 4 & Vulkan for Linux

By arcade_portal32
For Hollow Knight
For Voidheart Edition / Update
  For when a certain boss fight or area finally
   tells you to "Git Gud" a few too many times...
This is the patch for you!

   This was tested on the Steam version of Hollow Knight
       but should work on the non-drm version.

Install to usually...
(On Steam)
*Your Drive Letter*:\Program Files (x86)\*Your Steam Folder\steamapps\common\Hollow Knight\
*Your Drive Letter*:\Program Files (x86)\Hollow Knight\

Your mileage may vary, if you use this I take no responsibility
if this patch/mod does anything too screwy with your Hollow Knight
install or your PC. You have been warned!

Esp if you do not have Steam..
In case this patch does not like you for some reason or
you want to go back to Vanilla.

Any issues please post them here on the Nexus
and my Youtube Channel is fine as well :)


I created this patch mostly for my convenience so
I do not have to use a HEX Editor anymore to patch
the 21:9 aspect when I reinstall Hollow Knight
and not require the use of installing the
"ModInstaller" program.
(As running ModInstaller deletes the 21:9 patch every-time)

This was annoying for me lol...

So I created a patcher that would quickly add 3 total mods that add health
bars to all enemy & gives you a debug console to tell that boss to
"Gut Gud" when it has destroyed you 40 times and you want
to give yourself God Mode, Unlimited Health, or anything you many
need to traverse the road ahead! :)
The patch I made for 21:9 is (Optional) but recommended
if you are running a 2560x1080p Monitor in 21:9 aspect mode.
(This removes the 16:9 borders and adds a better UltraWide View)

-What this patch does-

This patch adds 2 great mods,
(EnemyHPBar) Mod
by Gradow#9473/Hollow Niko#2609 & KDT#7539
AND the...
(Debug Screen) Mod
by Seanpr/The Embraced One & KDT

The two mods use the Modding API 0.0.6 by Kerr1291 which is included..

(This means EXTRA mods you may have that are compatible should install fine as well in the new "Mods" folder in your Hollow Knight Install)
Mods such as "Lightbringer" should work as long as you can get a-hold of the mod .DLL file and place into your Mods folder, including adding any extras.

Though to post this link as well I found from a fellow modder/uploader Scaledish

Community Mod .DLL Files (Link to more mods)



The installer ALSO includes a small patch for
(21:9) Monitors.

This patch I made that removes
the ugly (16:9) bars in replacement for a (21:9) aspect
that will fill the screen. It is not a perfect patch,
as bars will still exist on the top and bottom of the screen.
(Which will feel like your watching a Widescreen Movie, but
the bars are no longer huge)
However this looks much better then the (16:9) black bars.

(I made this optional but recommended for 21:9 screens)
EDIT: Just bought a new 1440p 21:9 and it does work :) However you may have to do an extra step...

If the resolution/picture is not correct you may have to do this extra step that karasielvenlied mentions his 21:9 post

For Steam: Open your Hollow Knight property's, and set a Launch Option and type the following for your Resolution..

For DRM Free: Right click your Hollow Knight shortcut on your desktop, go to Property's and in (Target) after the " "
( "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hollow Knight\hollow_knight.exe" -screen-height 1440 -screen-width 3440 )
Have NOT tested DRM-Free

For 1440p
-screen-height 1440 -screen-width 3440

For 1080p
-screen-height 1080 -screen-width 2560

For more help on this check out Karasielvenlied's post
Karasielvenlied 21:9 Forum Post

This basically an alternative to ModInstaller if you want some modding basics, and room for more.
Though, ModInstaller is still useful in many cases as well however.
This is just an simple alternative and works in my case.

-Installer Minimum Requirements-

The Installer/Patcher will run on just about any "Windows Based" PC pretty much
from the Windows XP era lol, so you should have no problems running this.
Total size is less then 40MB including the installer

Though Hollow Knight requires Windows 7 to run
Edit: May also run into font issues if you run below Windows 7


Make backups of your saves to be safe!
With Steam just open your library, open Hollow Knights property's and backup your saves.

Go to your Hollow Knight folder
*Your Drive Letter*:\*Your Steam Folder\steamapps\common\Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed

Delete these files in Managed...

" Assembly-CSharp.dll  "

Delete this folder in Managed...

" Mods "

4.1 PurgeGitGud.exe is a program that is also included (If you don't feel comfortable deleting the files yourself)

1. Click PurgeGitGud.exe
2. Let the program delete the modded files

(PurgeGitGud.exe is NOT included in the Zipped versions)

5. (ONLY if you have Steam you can do this)
1. Open Steam
2. Click "Library"
3. Right Click "Hollow Knight"
4. Click "Properties"
5. Click "Local Files" in the Property's Popup
6. Click "Verify Integrity of Game Files"
7. Let Steam search, repair and replace the missing files.
The patch should now be removed!
This should not touch your saves.

5.1 (If you do NOT have Steam)

1. Copy and Replace the removed files with the original ones with the
ones from your backup.

Mods should now be removed


Installer was made by me

The Debug Mod

Coding - Seanpr
UI design and graphics - The Embraced One
Assistance with canvas - KDT

The Health Bar Mod

Coding - Gradow#9473
Graphics - Hollow Niko#2609
Original Code - KDT#7539

Modding API 0.0.06


By Kerr1291

Shade pic 1 from www.pngix.com

Knight pics from www.cleanpng.com

21:9 Patch was made by myself and a-lot of help from a post by karasielvenlied, Thank you to him/her :)


*Edited some credits, and added more info - Ty for all the upvotes!
*Updated the patcher! No update required if you have already installed!

Current Issues

Update (1.1)
Added what should be the latest version of the EnemyHealthBar as a download. Been having trouble with my software so I will leave the file here as an update if you are having issues till I update the installer. Open: ( Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed\Mods ) and replace the old ( .dll ) with the new one. Edit: BACKUP old .dll before replacing, may have issues too.


*Updated Readme Files for Patcher and Files
*Fixed and added some text in the patcher
*Removed the extra .Vanilla file that was not required
*Tweeked settings

Patcher Readme is out of date
Patch replaces .vanilla file, it was not needed to be added, but this should not be an issue as long as you uninstall the mod as described or have a backup.
21:9 Patch still has a small horizontal bar on top and bottom, I would like to remove this.
21:9 Patch does not move the text of the Debug mod so text is a little bit outside there boxes.
21:9 Patch does not add more drawing out-of bounds (This is not fixable).
That's it so far.