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A few Charms were either not worth their notches and/or were prohibitively too costly to wear. This mod addresses that without being game-breaking.

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A simple mod. Made years ago for personal use and updated as DLC/patches came out. Figured I'd upload it here (not a fan of Steam) for "posterity's sake" and anyone who may find it worthwhile. Compatible with Godmaster GODS & GLORY (Oct 21, 2021)

> Quick & easy installation instructions in "Readme" that comes with the mod <

What does it do? Simple, the following Charms had their notches reduced by one:

And for those interested in reasons:

𑁍 Heavy Blow and Fury of the Fallen should be fairly obvious/self-explanatory: they are absolutely NOT worth 2 notches. (Heavy Blow is a joke, honestly. Could've combo'd with something, but nope.

𑁍 Joni's Blessing is complicated. First off, it was on the low end of mediocre before the Lifeblood patch: +50% more HP sounds good on paper, but it takes away your healing. Early on, when your HP is low and you're short on notches, a +50% bonus doesn't amount to much and you're better off with Lifeblood Heart or (better yet) Fragile Heart at half the cost (2). And mid-to-late game when the +50% bonus could actually make some difference you already have way too many better options for Joni's cost. 

Why did Team Cherry then nerf it to +40% is beyond me. If it didn't have any combat utility before, it was made practically non-existent right afterwards. That really put the final nail on Joni's coffin! (See what I did there?) At least now, at 3 notches, it is somewhat more attractive.

𑁍 Soul Eater, Deep Focus, Hiveblood. So what's wrong with these three? Nothing, except their exorbitant cost! I went back and forth a lot with these: at 3 notches they *may* feel a bit too good, but at 4 notches they just never quite make the cut into any build. Consider this: they are pretty well-hidden (playing blind as one would) so they should be rewarding accordingly (especially when you got Fragile Strength, Quickslash, Mark of Pride, and Shaman Stone at 3 notches already).

So Deep Focus is great for exploring (say, Deepnest), right? But something like Grubsong + Soul Catcher + Thorns of Agony would work just as well for the same cost (4) and have even more utility. So does Hiveblood make White Palace easier? Sure, but it would anyway even if it cost 5 or more notches (it's not like you need to take your entire repertoire of Charms to White Palace). And Soul Eater? Well, there's always Soul Catcher for half the cost (2), leaving you room for something else (or better yet: Soul Catcher + Spell Twister).

Bottom line: they aren't "fun" to use because their prohibitive costs prevent you from using other cheaper Charms which, when combined, ultimately give you more versatility. At 3 notches, they are finally worthwhile beyond extremely situational circumstances.

𑁍 Flukenest. Ah, the Charm that got overnerfed not once, not twice, but thrice times over! (Puts a completely different spin on "third time's the charm," huh?). So they cut its damage to the ground *and* (as if that weren't enough) bumped its cost from 2 to 3 notches. Kind of as if to make sure nobody uses it ever again? OK, sure, it was a bit OP. But only if you're hitting someone right in the face. The dmg nerf alone was already more than enough. 

I did try un-nerfing the dmg whilst keeping the higher cost, but found myself finding better uses for those 3 notches every single time. So in the end, decided to keep the dmg nerf (sad as it is) but revert it to its 2 notch cost. 

𑁍 Grubberfly's Elegy. This was a very last-minute decision. Yep, it can do the same dmg as Fragile Strength when at close range (both beam and nail hitting enemy: 50% + 100% = 150%) but it requires you to be at full HP. And for such a seriously late-game charm, it just feels completely unrewarding (and don't tell me its only use was to help some people do the Delicate Flower quest!).

2 notches should make it worthwhile. Sort of like a gimmicky, "poor man's" Quickslash or Fragile Strength. 

𑁍 Kingsoul. For as little as it is worth (and for as little as you will have it), how about we make it a little less underwhelming? Seriously, I have better use for those 5 notches, especially so late in the game. At 4 (now the single-most highest cost Charm in the game), at least... it gives you some wiggle room for something else?

I mean, what is 1 notch gonna do?

𑁍 Carefree Melody (3) --> (2) **currently hardcoded