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Ascendio is an unofficial FPS hotfix for Hogwarts Legacy, a performance boost mod for Hogwarts Legacy: it applies Unreal Engine parameters to help address some of the game's performance issues.

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· M O D   D E S C R I P T I O N ·

Ascendio is an unofficial performance hotfix for Hogwarts Legacy developed by Seifu.
The Ascendio Project (currently) includes the following hotfixes:

  • FPS Hotfix which aims to help with Hogwarts Legacy's stuttering issues, it also provides a 10% performance gain thanks to the changes made to the game's culling behavior, CPU to GPU co-computing and VRAM management, among other fixes. 
  • The Ray Tracing Hotfix enhances ray tracing performance (precise statistics not available yet, sorry) and improves the quality of the effects. This is achieved by upscaling the source image, implementing UE4 filtering and denoising functions, introducing performance optimizations like priority-based culling and material thresholds, and enabling UE4 experimental quick ray cast based on material thresholds, among other fixes.
  • FSR3 Frame Generation overwrite for DLSS-G using Nukem9's implementation. This is a compatibility fix for the FPS and RT Hotfix to function seamlessly with Nukem9's FSR3. It is essential because FSR3 Frame Generation is an asynchronous task that places a workload on the GPU VRAM, a process managed by Ascendio's FPS and RT hotfixes. It also offers a hassle-free, user-friendly quick install for FrameGen.
  • Fine-Tune is a quick graphics auto-tune based on Kizaru's Steam guide. Fine-Tune will choose an optimized graphics setting for your system based on graphics impact/performance impact. It's recommended to install this to avoid VRAM based crashes.

Please be aware that this is an unofficial hotfix, not a form of black magic. Some performance issues in Hogwarts Legacy stem from backend bugs and core function issues, which ideally should be addressed by the developers in the editor. Therefore, while the mod can be effective, it doesn't resolve all stuttering problems, only the majority of them.

Additionally, it's important to note that the FPS Hotfix may cause texture parsing delays the first time you load your save, lasting a few seconds. You might encounter texture delays at specific moments during your playthrough, but these instances should be resolved in just 2 to 3 seconds.
These delays occur when your GPU is inundated with entry requests. Without the implemented functions, this could lead to stuttering or even crashes. To prevent such issues, the mod instructs your system to calmly compute everything asynchronously while the game is running.


Ascendio is a Work In Progress unofficial hotfix and it does not work on all systems.
It achieves the fps boost and stuttering fix by enabling a lot of features which are very hardware dependant and are not present on all systems.

The list of compatible setups will hopefully grow bigger with time as I keep iterating this project. Please do understand that I do not own a game-testing lab, so I don't know if it will work on your specific setup. Feel free to install the mod and try if it works: it's free, so if it doesn't work you can always uninstall it.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconveniences.

· H O W   T O   I N S T A L L / U N I N S T A L L ·

  • Launch the game for the first time if you haven't already for it to generate the config files Ascendio is supposed to tweak.
  • Then you can just extract and run the installer! It's the file called "Ascendio III Installer", you'll find it inside the provided .zip file.
  • You'll find both the installation and uninstallation buttons on the application's first page.
Ascendio utilizes a cross-platform open-source installer developed by me, known as SIA | Public.

Please note that SIA is a non-signed software that modifies (Hogwarts Legacy's) .ini and .dll files. Your AV may get a little nervous about that. Feel free to temporarily turn it off during the installation process if you encounter any issues.

Also, remember that both Ascendio and SIA source codes are available on GitHub as open source projects. Check out the files tab for the url.

· S U P P O R T   M Y   W O R K ·

I invest numerous hours perfecting these exceptionally polished mods, time that could be dedicated to freelance requests. However, I genuinely enjoy creating mods for my favorite games and sharing them for free. Any form of support is immensely appreciated!

Occasionally, I release Work In Progress (W.I.P.) versions of my mods for free on my Patreon, and I also provide status updates (not free) detailing the progress of my developments and their anticipated availability. So, even if you don't plan on spending money on Patreon, do check my page from time to time! :')