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winterelfeas7101 - Rysel4780 - VTLI9513 - Luffy4000

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Automatically hides HUD when not in combat

Permissions and credits

We know you wanted it, here it is! Automatically hides the HUD when not in combat mode (after 5 seconds by default, configurable, see Information below).


  • Download the latest UE4SS (Xinput)
  • Extract its content next to the executable "~\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64\HogwartsLegacy.exe"
        > Should look like that (edit: minus imgui.ini and ue4ss.logs that generate after)
  • Extract the mod zip content in your root folder "~\Hogwarts Legacy\"

Limitations / Bugs

1.1 non-beta:

  • Toggle all the HUD on or off, no option for granularity in the method used

1.2 beta:

  • Using Mount causes spells actions to appear. Spells actions often stay there, sometimes they leave after a Revelio, sometimes not.
  • In transition Broom <> Mount <> Ground some HUD elements can re-appear temporarily (until next disableHUD tick)
  • In this version elements disappear one by one, so it doesn't look as smooth as previous version > should be highly improved in beta 1.3 if you have a good CPU (see 1.6 changelog below)
  • When leaving a no-fly zone, like Hogsmead or Hogwarts, you might have to display UI (e.g. raise wand) before you can fly


  • You can toggle permanently On / Off using the F6 key (you can remap it, and if you use a controller, use Steam to map an unused button to F6, like Select on the DualSense controller or maybe the Xbox or Microphone button for Xbox controller
    But understand this is NOT the mod desired behavior, we will have 20000 UE4SS mods with a different or same Key mapping it will be impossible to mix them. If you want longer UI, see Revelio below.
  • You can cast Revelio or any spells to display HUD, it considers it is like being in combat. But on the Broom, Revelio will not show HUD sadly.
  • You can change the value after X seconds the HUD disappears in the script: 

    local showHudLast = 5
    local broomRevelioHudLast = 10
    local revelioHudLast = 10

  • Performances considerations: this mod does tick every frame and logic calls every 30 frames. On my beefy PC I did not notice performance issues, but people with very slow CPU might see something. You can try to increase this value for tick less often (although will cause delay in the seconds): local triggerLogicAfterFrames = 30

    Should you encounter any crash or performances issues, let us know as not many mods trigger on every tick.

    5. If you use the DisplayDateTime mod with the Minimap Clock, set this value to true at the beginning of the script:

    displayDateTimeModMinimapClock = true



  • Updated folder structure to work with Vortex


  • Updated beta to use alternative way to show / hide spells
  • Updated beta to not detect automatically Display Date Time map clock as it was causing an issue, have to set displayDateTimeModMinimapClock at the beginning of the script


  • Updated V2 beta version to support hiding / showing the Display Date Time map clock
  • Optimized V2 beta Show / Hide to happen as closely as possible at the same time for all elements (didn't hide anymore some rare showing UI elements and applied incremental async delay)
    1.3b: seems too many ExecuteWithDelay is causing UE4SS instability after a while. I replaced them back with ExecuteAsync, while still wrapping every element around it (unlike before where it was only one Async and all inside).On my i7 13700k, everything is literally showing and disappearing at same time. On my laptop with i7 11800h, its better but not quite yet (don't think I can do better, only faster CPU will likely "workaround" that behavior).


  • Added Wand up to V1
  • Made hide / show async in V1 to avoid small freeze


  • Beta fixed spells HUD not hiding / showing after calling Mount / Dismount
  • Beta raising wand should now show HUD properly 


  • Beta added show HUD when raising your wand


  • Beta version to keep Beacons / Interactions up


  • Fix hiding HUD on Mount
  • Casting Revelio on mount or broom now shows HUD
  • Revelio on foot or broom / mount has now a separate configurable timer (10 seconds by default


  • Base version

Special thanks to Rysel#4780 --  VTLI#9513 -- Luffy#4000 from the Hogwards Modding Discord for their invaluable help.

Assist me by voting with annoying this bug: Hogwarts Legacy : Character shadows and reflection broken after Daedalian Keys puzzle or Alohomora (wbgames.com)