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Legilimens is a tool to help you find your last few missing collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy and finally get that 100% completion. Works with field guide pages, collection chests, demiguise statues, vivarium chests, butterfly chests, daedalian keys, merlin trials, balloon sets, landing platforms, ancient magic hotspots, and infamous foes.

Permissions and credits

Legilimens is a tool to help you find your last few missing collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy and finally get that 100% completion. All you need to do is run Legilimens with your save file, and it will analyze and return a list of every collectible that you're missing, including a link to a Youtube video with a timestamp showing its location. Legilimens does not edit your save file, it only reads the databases contained within it.

You can also download this tool and view the source code on GitHub. The Python version has its own GitHub page as well.

What Legilimens can find:
  • Field Guide Pages
  • Collection Chests
  • Demiguise Statues
  • Vivarium Chests
  • Butterfly Chests
  • Daedalian Keys
  • Merlin Trials
  • Balloon Sets
  • Landing Platforms
  • Ancient Magic Hotspots
  • Infamous Foes
  • "Finishing Touch" achievement enemies (inconsistent)

What it can't find:
  • Items that you are required to get during a quest. For example, there are two field guide pages that you are forced to pick up during the History of Magic class quest
  • Collectible items that can be bought from vendors
  • Collectible items that are rewards for completing quests

Video guide

Using the executable version

Simply double-click Legilimens.exe to run it and follow the prompts on screen. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your save file onto Legilimens.exe, or run it from the command line as described in the GitHub readme.

Using the Python version

  • Install any version of Python 3. I've only tested it with Python 3.10, but it should work with earlier/later versions as well.
  • Download and extract the latest Legilimens Python release. You should end up with a folder containing legilimens.py, collectibles.json, and the readme/license.
  • Find your save file (likely in C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Local/HogwartsLegacy/Saved/SaveGames/<user_id>/)
  • Either drag your .sav file onto legilimens.py, or run the script with python "<path>/<to>/legilimens.py" "<path>/<to>/<your>/<save>/<file>.sav"or just run python "<path>/<to>/legilimens.py" and input the path to your .save file when prompted.
  • You can output to a text file by running it from the command line and adding " > output_file.txt" to the end of the command, e.g.python legilimens.py "path/to/your/save/file.sav" > "path/to/the/output/file.txt"


I'm missing Butterfly Chest #1, but there aren't any butterflies there and I've already done the "Follow the Butterflies" quest?
  • This is a known bug with Hogwarts Legacy, where following any of the other 14 butterflies allows you to complete the quest, which then prevents the intended quest butterflies from ever appearing. This save editor has a fix for it, as does this mod, but I haven't tested either one myself and take no responsibility for them, so make sure you backup your save before using them!
I'm missing a single conjuration exploration collectible, but Legilimens doesn't detect anything?
  • This is almost certainly another bug in the game, and I haven't found anything that indicates it's a problem with Legilimens. This mod has a fix for it, but I haven't tested it myself and take no responsibility for it, so make sure you backup your save before using it!
I have 33/34 Field Guide Pages in The Bell Tower Wing, but Legilimens says I've completed them all. Where is it?
  • This is a known bug in Hogwarts Legacy that has since been patched, where a certain Bell Tower Wing flying page doesn't count towards your total. I don't know if the patch retroactively fixed the problem.
It's detecting the wrong enemies for the "Finishing Touches" achievement?
  • I did my best to make it as accurate as possible, but achievements are broken in my game, so testing the Finishing Touches achievement is basically impossible. Hopefully it's helpful for a few people though.
Legilimens says that I'm missing something that I've already collected, or doesn't detect all of my missing collectibles, or links to the wrong Youtube video/timestamp, or any other error.
  • It's likely an error in my code, so open an issue on GitHub, and attach your .sav file. I'll do my best to figure out what went wrong and fix it as soon as possible. If you don't have a GitHub account, you can also email your save file to me at [email protected], or post the output of Legilimens on Nexus. If you don't send me either the save file or output, I won't be able to fix the problem for everyone else.
I'm getting the error "SQLite was unable to read parts of the database", which is preventing me from finishing certain collectibles. How can I fix this?
  • For some reason, it's possible for parts of your save file to be corrupted and unreadable by SQLite. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out a fix or workaround yet. Sorry.
"It doesn't work"
  • Make sure you've either read the instructions or watched the video guide, and read the FAQ. If you're still having problems, actually describe what's going wrong so I can help you fix it.