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Transforms hippogryphs into dragons

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Swaps the hippogryph model for a Hebridean dragon
Replaces all the hippogryph animations, the mounted position still has some issues and so do some of the animations, there is also a few placeholder ones while I figure out what to do with them, there is also some slight animation delay in changing of speed due to the length of the dragon animations used

1.1 fixed textures and some crashes and added offspring
1.2 Updated the player riding position, fixed a potential issue with the vivarium
1.3 Some bug fixes, failed in teaching dragons to swim, they now wont enter the water by choice and added 3 optional models
1.4 fix for the sound that I broke switching to the modular system in 1.3
1.5 Some small animation changes, also ajusted the Hungarian Horntail, should improve visual clarity mainly in the face area
1.6 Inital release of Thestral switch
1.7 Dragon swimming lessons finally paid off, I'm not entirely sure you would call this swimming however, thestrals now land with a little more grace
1.8 Fought update boss and won

Both the Hippogryff and Thestral are stand-alone, you can choose to install only 1 of them or both with any optional combination.

Unzip into your game directory to install.
To uninstall navigate to yourGame directory\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods and delete the 3 files named zDragonOgryff_P and zDragonOgryffM_P for the hippogryff version and the 3 files named zDragonOgryffT_P and zDragonOgryffTM_P for the Thestral version