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Increases the stock that can spawn for vendors

Epic loot: 6 pieces
Legendary loot 5 pieces
Rare loot 8 pieces
For resources:
every vendor should now have up to 8 of each resource instead of their regular 1-3

Permissions and credits

Install the .pak to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\mods or equivalent 


If used alongside other mods this will require a merge with the modmerger tool, the rest of the installation remains the same

This mod increases the max amount of items a vendor can have and will immediately take effect on new saves
on existing saves it will kick in once the vendor's inventory/stock refreshes this happens after some in game time, one way to speed this up is to  wait a couple of days (6 times wait for some for others 8, currently investigating what causes the difference for some players) this causes most vendors to restock or using the instant time skip mod

additionally loot in the vendor is still RNG based since this mod multiplies the amount of items that would normally spawn as pointed out by a user, I am looking into removing the RNG factor but I can't make any promises