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Fly your broom or use your mount almost anywhere outdoors... including Hogsmeade and the Ravenclaw roof terrace! An updated version of the classic Free Fly mod.

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The Free Fly Mod was published within days of Hogwarts Legacy's launch. Unfortunately there were some issues with it which have never been addressed, and the mod has never been updated or even actively supported. The creators have not responded to a single user post. I have therefore created a new version (though this one works somewhat differently to the original). This version also automatically disables the minimap when you're close to landing in Hogsmeade, because it's impossible to take-off again if you land with the minimap on. I also fixed some bugs that occur with the HUD when you use mounts inside Hogsmeade.

This mod will allow you to fly almost  but not quite  anywhere. For example:

  • Like the original mod, you still can't fly indoors. That's because the game unloads all the indoor textures when you mount a broom or beast. So if you flew inside a building (as you can in some places) you'd find that half the stuff inside (walls, floor, etc) is missing. This may be something we can change someday, but not yet.
  • There are lots of places (out of bounds or on roof-tops etc) where you still can't land. That's because the "floor" or "ground" in an Unreal Engine game is not defined by what you can see, but by something called a "Nav Mesh". In the places where you can't land there is no Nav Mesh, so even if you could land there you would just fall through the ground and end up underneath the world.

If you're happy with the original Free Fly Mod then there's no need to install this one. If not, give this one a try.

If you have any problems let me know and I will try to help.


You should be able to install the mod automatically using Vortex (then skip to step 4 below), but Vortex can be a bit unreliable with Hogwarts Legacy mods (it doesn't always delete mods properly) so I would recommend installing it manually as follows:

  • Download the mod.
  • Unzip the contents.
  • Move zFreeFlyPlus-1010_P.utoczFreeFlyPlus-1010_P.ucas, and zFreeFlyPlus-1010_P.pak to the Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods\ folder.
  • Install Blueprint Apparate Modloader if you haven't already.
  • Start Hogwarts Legacy
  • Load your most recent save-file.
  • Press the F8 key to activate Blueprint Apparate Modloader.
  • Type FreeFlyPlus in the little window and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • The word FreeFlyPlus should disappear and reappear lower down in that window with an X next to it. If it doesn't - if it stays on the top line - then either a) you put the .utoc, .ucas and .pak files in the wrong folder, or b) one of your existing mods is already using pakchunk 1010. Use my PakChunk Checker to check that. If you have a pakchunk conflict see the Conflicts section below.
  • If it worked you should see a message on-screen saying that the mod has initialised.
  • Press F8 again to close the modloader window.

Note that you only need to follow the above process once. From now on the mod will just work.


  • Press Control-END in-game to activate Free-Fly Plus.
  • Press Control-END again to de-activate it.
  • Press ALT-DEL to toggle the minimap on/off. By default the mod will turn the minimap off when you enter Hogsmeade and turn it back to what it was when you leave. So if you normally have the map on, it will be turned back on. And if you normally have the map off it will remain off. But if the mod gets it wrong you can force the map on/off using this keybind. You can also use this to force the minimap back on while you're in Hogsmeade, but you won't be able to take off again if you do. 

At present these key bindings can't be changed, but that might be possible with future versions of the mod.

Note that after you de-activate Free-Fly Plus:

  • You will still be able to fly in some no-fly zones (until those zone's are refreshed by the game).
  • You will not be able to take-off in Hogsmeade.

How to Un-Install


1) If you installed it via Vortex: Disable or Uninstall it via Vortex. BUT also CHECK that it's gone from the ~mods folder afterwards.
2) Delete zFreeFlyPlus-1010_P.utoczFreeFlyPlus-1010_P.ucas, and zFreeFlyPlus-1010_P.pak from the ~mods folder.


This mod uses pakchunk 1010. You can check if that conflicts with any of your existing mods by running my PakChunk Checker batch script after you've installed the mod. If it does conflict, you can fix it using the Chunk ID Conflict Manager.

Known Issues

The following are known issues. If you encounter others please let me know in the POSTS section.

  • At present fast-travel will reset the mod (to de-activated) so you'll need to re-activate it after you fast-travel. This might change in future.
  • The minimap will disappear if you fly near Hogsmeade with Free-Fly Plus activated. That's by design, because there's a bug in the game which means that if you land in Hogsmeade with the minimap turned on you can't take off again. If you don't want to lose the minimap just fly quite high over Hogsmeade and the minimap will remain. Not that there's much to see - the map basically goes blank.
  • Inside Hogsmeade the minimap will remain off even when you're on-foot. That's because if I switched it back on you wouldn't be able to take-off again. If you want the minimap on just de-activate Free-Fly Plus with Control-END or press ALT-DEL. Sadly, if you do that you won't be able to take-off again until you leave Hogsmeade.
  • The "volumes" that define the no-fly zones are "streamed-in" by the game when they're needed, so disabling them isn't a case of just running something once. The mod has to constantly monitor for new volumes streaming in so it can disable them. For that reason there might be a small performance impact if you leave it permanently on. I don't see any impact on my mid-range gaming PC but lower spec PC's might stutter, I don't know. Try it and see! If so, the solution is to activate the mod when you hit a no-fly zone and deactivate it as soon as you're inside.
  • You can usually  take-off again if you land in Hogsmeade with the minimap disabled, but it still refuses on occasion. I'm not sure if there's a pattern to it, but plunging in like a lunatic and leaping from your broom at the last second might be a trigger. 😂 But it's probably random.
  • If you de-activate Free-Fly Plus and then re-activate it while you're in Hogsmeade you still  won't be able to take-off. I don't know why. You have to leave Hogsmeade on foot I'm afraid and take-off outside. If you subsequently land in Hogsmeade again you might find you still can't take-off. I don't know why. The solution is to fast-travel to somewhere outside Hogsmeade, which seems to reset things.
  • Be careful where you fly inside Hogsmeade. It's quite easy to get stuck. If you do, you might have to use fast-travel to free yourself.