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First Person View/VR Mode for HITMAN 3

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This mod adds a First Person Perspective/VR Mode to the game.

Works on every mission in the game, including bonus missions, special assignments, Patient Zero, seasonal missions from Hitman 2.
Removed from "the vector" patient zero mission and other sniper missions.
Patient Zero final mission not working.

Extract zip and copy files to \HITMAN 3\Runtime. Replace files when asked.

Bugs (can't be fixed as it's linked to mocap)
Melee combat
Crouching turns camera.
Camera bugs when taking down someone and taking their disguise.
Can't see if you are crouching unless you look at your shadow.
Game goes into third person view when climbing through windows.
Can't see your weapon.

Smaller bugs
No crosshair, so aim is bad most of the time.
When you get used to aiming 80% of shots are headshots/instant kills.

Some notes
Missions start in third person, then goes to first person when you start moving.
Look directly down to see current outfit and weapon.

This is a first attempt, it might be improved upon in the future.

This is not a full VR mod, IOI has to implement full VR support.

Tools used: RPKG v1/2 Tool by Notex