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Adds new face texture variations from previous HITMAN entries (Absolution, 2015 Alpha, 2016, HITMAN 2) to 47's new model for HITMAN 3

Permissions and credits
Special thanks to Duckilous for Numbered Barcode textures!

Adds new face texture variations from previous HITMAN entries (Absolution, 2016, HITMAN 2) to 47's new model for HITMAN 3.

NEW FOR v1.2!! "Details" pack including normal, specular, and bump map textures from HITMAN 2016.

Current variations:
v1.2 - HITMAN Alpha (2015)
v1.2 - HITMAN Alpha (2015) with numbered barcode
v1.2 - IMPROVED HITMAN 2016 with numbered barcode
v1.2 - HITMAN 2 (2018) with numbered barcode
v1.2 - HITMAN 2016 head "details" texture pack, compatible with any individual diffuse texture

v1.1 - HITMAN Absolution with numbered barcode
v1.1 - HITMAN 2 (2018)

NOTE: This mod is incompatible with other face textures, such as Numbered Barcode.


Textures appear corrupted when loading in. The solution is to wait momentarily for the texture to fully load in.
This is caused by the way RPKG currently rebuilds lower resolution versions of textures.
As soon as this issue is fixed in RPKG, all textures will be updated/rebuilt to solve this.

Textures may not match with certain disguises/suits, notably those that are shirtless.
This is caused by the body skin texture not quite matching the head skin texture.
One solution is for textures to be edited to smoothly blend in with the matching texture.
However, not all textures blend well with each other, and can appear unnatural in other ways.
This issue is being watched however, and blended/unblended versions of all textures may be available in a future release.


Easy Installation
  • Use QuickMod by Atampy26, which handles everything for you.

Harder Installation
  1. Make sure you have a patched packagedefinition.txt file - if you don't know, go to Notex's tool and drag your packagedefinition.txt file in (it's in Runtime). Then, click Set Patch Levels and then save it over your original packagedefinition.txt
  2. Download the FaceVariations .zip file and extract the RPKG files within
  3. For your desired face texture, pick one file from the "diffuse" folder
  4. Copy your desired RPKG to your Runtime folder
  5. Rename it to the next sequential chunk0 patch number - if you have chunk0.rpkg, name it chunk0patch1.rpkg or if you have chunk0patch1.rpkg, name it chunk0patch2.rpkg. Do not rename it to chunk27 or chunk28. Yes, we do make fun of you on the Discord.
  6. To install the "details" pack, repeat steps 3-4, but instead copying the file from the "details" folder.
  7. Next, repeat step 5 while making sure to name the details texture either higher or lower than your "diffuse" texture to ensure it (or any other installed mod) is not overwritten!

Troubleshooting Checklist
Follow this troubleshooter by Atampy26.

  • RPKG
  • Atampy26 for QuickMod/troubleshooter
  • Swixel for XTEA
  • Duckilous
  • G2 Modding Discord for help/suggestions