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Updates 47's barcode and adds the numbers "640509-040147" below it.
HITMAN III version.

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This mod updates the shape of 47's barcode and adds the numbers "640509-040147" below it.
Pretty much just like my HITMAN 2 version of the mod found here.

- Make sure your packagedefinition.txt is patched or it won't work. You can patch it by using this site if you haven't already.
- Once you downloaded the mod, extract the zipped file and move "chunk0patch47.rpkg" to HITMAN III's Runtime folder.
- If there's already a "chunk0patch47" file from other mods, rename "chunk0patch47" to "chunk0patch48" or any number that won't cause any conflicts.
- DON'T, and I repeat, DO NOT be that fool who just renames mods to "chunk27" or whatever, or we will make fun of you on Discord. Again.

Compatibility Note:
If there's other mods installed that edits 47's face texture (00D247582859CA87.TEXT + 007B3B5C90C8B81F.TEXD) such as Classic Face Texture, this mod will not be compatible with it as either mod overrides the other.