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Add Hawke's Bay as a playable location in Ghost Mode.

Permissions and credits
What is it?
This mod provides Hawke's Bay as a playable location in HITMAN 3 Ghost Mode.

What's on the map?
  • 10 weapon crates (2 ghost items, 2 special, 4 tools, 2 firearms)
  • 3 disguise crates
  • 2 initial spawn points
  • 12 target spawn points
  • New time of day: daytime

Installation Instructions
  • If you have not already, install Simple Mod Framework.
  • If you have not already, download and set up the Ghost Mode mod.
  • Download the .zip for this mod, and copy the "Ghost Mode Hawkes Bay" folder into your Simple Mod Framework's "mods" folder.
  • In Simple Mod Framework, click "Enable" next to "Ghost Mode Hawke's Bay", and then click "Deploy Mods".

Known Issues
  • Game crashes may occur when playing Ghost Mode.
  • In some situations, a match may not load, requiring a game restart.
  • SMF will report several warnings during the deployment process.  These can be ignored.

  • MrMike - Porting PS4 data to PC (Steam)
  • Notex - Daytime time of day change

Note for Custom Server Maintainers
If you wish to add this location to your own custom server, contract JSON is available at https://gitlab.com/hitmaps/localghost/-/snippets/2264515.  You will need to be responsible for adding this location to your own menu structure.