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Add Hawke's Bay as a playable location in Ghost Mode.

Permissions and credits
What is it?
This mod provides Hawke's Bay as a playable location in HITMAN 3 Ghost Mode.

What's on the map?
  • 10 weapon crates (2 ghost items, 2 special, 4 tools, 2 firearms)
  • 3 disguise crates
  • 2 initial spawn points
  • 12 target spawn points
  • New time of day: daytime

Installation Instructions
  1. If you have not already, install Simple Mod Framework.
  2. If you have not already, download and set up the Ghost Mode mod.
  3. Download the .zip for this mod, and copy the "Ghost Mode Hawkes Bay" folder into your Simple Mod Framework's "mods" folder.
  4. In Simple Mod Framework, click "Enable" next to "Ghost Mode Hawke's Bay", and then click "Deploy Mods".

Known Issues
  1. Game crashes may occur when playing Ghost Mode.
  2. In some situations, a match may not load, requiring a game restart.

  • MrMike - Porting PS4 data to PC (Steam)
  • Notex - Daytime time of day change

Note for Custom Server Maintainers
If you wish to add this location to your own custom server, contract JSON is available at https://gitlab.com/hitmaps/localghost/-/snippets/2264515.  You will need to be responsible for adding this location to your own menu structure.