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Turns All Suits Into Fire Suits And Burns Nearby NPCs

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This Mod Turns All Suits Into Fire Suits And Burns Nearby NPCs :)

Mod has different range settings for burning nearby NPCS:
  • Touching Hitman
  • Radius of 2
  • Radius of 4
  • Radius of 8
  • Radius of 16
  • Radius of 32
  • Radius of 64
  • Radius of 128

I tried to thoroughly test everything before releasing this mod and so far everything seems in working order. :)

NOTE: 5/5/2023 - Fixed issue related to the new SMF version not allowing empty folders, fixed in FireSuit-SMF-v1.3.0.zip
NOTE: 6/2/2023 - Fixed issue related to the new SMF version, fixed in FireSuit-SMF-v1.4.0.zip

To install via the Simple Mod Framework (THE PREFERRED WAY):
Install the Simple Mod Framework
Download the FireSuit-SMF-v1.4.0.zip file and import it into the Simple Mod Framework and Deploy.
3. Play and enjoy! :)

To install the RPKGs manually (NOT PREFERRED):
1. Patch your packagedefinition.txt file which resides in the Hitman 3 Runtime folder by using Notex's online tool by dragging and dropping your packagedefinition.txt file in the edit
box, clicking "Set Patch Levels" which will change all the patch levels
in the file to 10000, and then clicking "Save File" and saving the file
back to your Hitman 3 Runtime folder and overwriting your old
packagedefinition.txt file (you can backup the original if you desire).
You can also get a Pre-Patched packagedefinition.txt file, again at Notex's site´╗┐.
2. Download the FireSuit-RPKG-v1.1.0.zip file and extract the RPKG files into your Hitman 3 Runtime folder.
3. Play and enjoy! :)

Notex and REDACTED for the RPKG Tool
Atampy26 for his Simple Mod Framework, QuickEntity, and QuickEntity Editor