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Adds three 'challenge' missions to the game. Time Trial: New York, COVID-47, and Target Run (Colombia/Embrace of the Serpent)

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This is a mission pack which adds three smaller-scale missions to offline mode for you to play and replay. They each are what I consider 'challenge' missions, it's not about story or role-play, it's about seeing if you can beat them. Some are inspired by the TimeSplitters challenges.


You mission is to contract the virus and spread it to 50 people in Hokkaido and escape before the timer runs out.
Social Distancing? What Social Distancing. #LiberateHokkaido!

Target Run

Single Player Ghost Mode in Embrace of The Serpent, with a difference. Only one Ghost Target will appear per session, and they are a mandatory target. The rest are a pool of 17 targets where you pick whoever you want to go after. All you need to do is reach 50 points by making kills, accidents are worth more points, fibre wire kills are worth the most. Be wary, each body found will deduct three points, no matter who it is!

And since some people have said they wished they could play in the Halloween suit in other missions, you start as Pumpkin Man, with just Ghost Coins and Fibre Wire.

If you do not have the Embrace of the Serpent special assignment installed a version on Three-Headed Serpent is available on Download page.

Time Trial: New York

Originally a published contract that has some random dude at the entrance as a suit target as a way of trying to make people spawn at the front door, and then a modified mission I tried to submit as my April Curated Batch; this is now just a regular modded mission in which you're forced to start at the front entrance, and have to get the CEO keycard and escape via her exit, before the timer runs out. You can do anything you like to achieve this.

Missions Slots used: Final Test, Golden Handshake, Embrace of the Serpent