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Hawke's Bay Sniper Assassin type mission set during sunset

Permissions and credits
This mod only works in offline mode
(to access offline mode, go to privacy options and press 'opt out', or on startup hit "cancel" while it's connecting)
and is visible on the Hawke's Bay Location screen

This mod combines Hokkaido with Hawke's Bay, resulting in you spawning on a cliff overlooking the Hawke's Bay house and beach. You will need to kill any 12 of the Militia guards, you can pick which ones, it's up to you. This mod will be incompatible with any mod that uses the Guided Training mission slot

Requires Hokkaido and Hawke's Bay to be installed

Update: v1.2 (27 Sep, 2020)
- Failing to reach 100 points after killing 12 targets will fail the mission. You now must reach 100 points to be able to exit/complete the mission.

Update: v1.1 (15 Mar, 2020)
- Added body found indicator on HUD
- Each body found deducts 3 points from score (More challenging to reach 100 points now)
- The points system now has its own objective card on briefing screen (It says "In Progress" the whole time, can't be helped)

Map versions:
The difficulty selector is actually used to select which version of Hawke's Bay you want to play on
  • Casual = Halloween Hawke's Bay/Mills Reverie
  • Professional = Nightcall (Professional)
  • Master = Nightcall (Master)

Points System:
This mission has a rudimentary 'points' system, and the optional objective is to get 100 points from your 12 kills.
Kill = 5 points
Headshot = +3 points
Moving = +3 points
Accident = +7 points (No accidents are available in Halloween version)

Known Bugs:
  • Both Nightcall and Situs Inversus music plays simultaneously (But it’s tolerable)
  • Some spots of the map bodies will magically fall through the ground, pls don’t exploit dis
  • It seems NPCs can see through some walls of the house, mainly on the Nightcall versions
  • (Existing bug from Vanilla game) The Nightcall version guards are telepathically linked, if one sees something happens you have about 3 seconds to kill him before the map goes on lockdown; this seems to NOT happen on the Halloween version

Other Notes:
  • In offline mode you are not given a rating at the end of the mission, that means you won't officially know if you got Silent Assassin or not, you'll have to keep track of it manually as best you can
  • I'm unable to program anything into the mission about found bodies, I am also unable to program in bonus points for kill streaks or multikills... for now
  • For those who do not want to use the Jaeger Tuatara sniper, there is an alternative download where you play as 47, don't have a timer, and have access to the planning menu to pick your own sniper for the Mountain Path agency pickup, but be aware it will only contain 18 bullets, use them wisely
  • The guards can shoot and kill you from afar if they figure out your position

Future Updates?
If I ever figure out how, I'd like to do these things
  • Program in body found penalties, killstreak/multikill bonuses
  • Make it so once you get 100 points it actually shows as a complete objective

These files must go in the HITMAN2/Runtime folder.
  1. If this is your first mod installation, then replace the "packagedefinition.txt" with the one in the .rar 
  2. (If you already have mods installed then you can skip this step)
  3. Put the .rpkg in the Runtime folder and rename it so it looks like all the other "chunk0patch" files. Organise all files by name so you can see what the latest "chunk0patch" file is, then make this mod one number higher so it doesn't overwrite anything. 
  4. E.G. On an unmodded H2 install the latest file will be "chunk0patch4", therefore rename this modded .rpkg file to "chunk0patch5".
    This is so the game thinks the mod is a 'patch' and will load it into the game.
  5. Enjoy!