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Vulkan enabler for HITMAN 2 (0x80000003 fix).

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HITMAN 2 - Vulkan Enabler 

This tool helps you to run Hitman 2 with Vulkan.

This tool is intended to help all players affected by the (in)famous 0x80000003 error that occurs in Hitman 2 with a Turing card (GeForce 16 series and RTX series). This issue can be fixed by intercepting and translating the DirectX API calls to Vulkan, a new and powerful 3D graphical API. This can be done using DXVK, a project born on Linux (but availabe for Windows too) and able to make DirectX games running on Vulkan API. DXVK is now sponsored by Steam.

Warning : It's not a proper Vulkan renderer for Hitman 2. This tool just allows you to play the game with Vulkan on top of DX11. It's very useful if you have a lot of 0x80000003 crashes with both DX11 and DX12.

IO Interactive works on a solution with Nvidia since January 2019 but "they don’t have a specific fix planned" and "continuing to gather data on to pinpoint the cause" as stated in September 2019. In the meantime, DXVK is recommended if both DX11 and DX12 don't work properly for you.

For the moment, this is the only reliable community workaround recommended by IOI for people continuing to encounter this issue with both DX11 and DX12.


  • HITMAN 2 in DX11 mode.
  • Vulkan compatible hardware and drivers.


  1. Run hitmanVK.exe.
  2. Choose your game (Hitman or Hitman 2).
  3. Select the game location.
  4. Choose the latest DXVK version.
  5. Click on "Install and enable DXVK".
  6. Finally, click on “Exit and launch game”.


The game will be very laggy at the start, because DXVK needs to recalculate and cache all the shaders in real time on each map. Once this step is done, the game will be stable with no stutter. The shader cache is stored under Steam\steamapps\shadercache\863550\DXVK_state_cache.




  • Hitman Vulkan Enabler made by Giovanni Solinas (@Tharon on Steam).
  • DXVK made by Philip Rebohle (@doitsujin on Github).