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Adds a mission to Sapienza where you can choose who to work for, and which objectives to do. Inspired by the style of Dishonored.

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Sapienza

It is my proud honour to present to you the first ever mission in the Hitman series where you can choose who to work for, on top of which objectives to complete in your work for them. Taking heavy inspiration from Dishonored, in which you're an assassin who is always given a non-fatal way of passing your mission, this mission will provide you with an experience never before offered in a Hitman game.

1.2 (16-10-20)
  • All targets now show on Instinct, non-lethal targets will be removed from Instinct when you pacify them (So you can put them in containers while they're alive)
  • Mission names now show as "Choose Your Adventure" instead of unrelated Mission Story names
  • New Bug: Objectives now do not show as "Completed" on briefing screen, this is due to changing the mission type to "Featured Contract", which is not used to handling custom objectives

1.1 (16-03-20)
  • Add difficulties to choose from
  • Replaces Kill Caruso and Retrieve DNA options of Caruso questline with an 'expose Caruso to De Santis' option

  • Adds an installation readme and updates patchdefinition.txt to the latest December version, to make things extremely easy to install

To enter offline mode, simply press Enter (Or use your mouse to click "Cancel") when it pops up saying "Connecting..." on game launch. If you want to stay in offline mode every time you launch the game, go to Options>Privacy and click "Opt Out", you can return to online mode by pressing "Opt In" at any point.

This mission will be found in the Sapienza destination tab



In this mission you'll be faced with an initial choice. Do you want to work for Caruso, or for Sapienza's "Concerned Citizens" who want to take him down? The way you make this choice is by completing the objective of faction you want to work for.

Objectives Choice

For almost every single objective, you'll have a choice of at least two options on how to complete it, similar to either grabbing the data core or the three hard drives in Golden Handshake. However apart from the very first objective of the mission, these choices will not take you into a new questline. Although you may have the option to make a last minute switch of allegiance ;)

Capturing Targets

Some objectives will give you the ability to deal with a target non-fatally. To make sure a target is out of the way for the mission, or stashed for a retrieval team to take into custody later, just pacify the target and put them in any container. Due to the game not letting you put painted targets in containers while alive, these targets will not show up in Instinct (Think of them as Elusive targets).

Chaos Level

Another aspect 'borrowed' from Dishonored; since this mission only works offline and doesn't give you stats, it's only fair I give you something to reflect your gameplay style. Currently this is a rudimentary kill counter. Depending which questline and choices you take, it is possible to only kill targets and yet still get medium chaos, think of this as an excuse to use the non-violent options available to you. This Chaos Level does not affect gameplay or the mission.

Other objectives you may find yourself doing in this mission are: Killing spree, pacifying spree, laptop hacking, safe item retrieval

These aren't new to Hitman, but they aren't done in Contracts Mode, so hopefully they're fresh enough for you to have some fun

Future improvements?

There were some things I would have liked to have done for this mission but simply don't know how; there are also slight issues where if you try to be cheeky and memorise the objectives, restart, and do them out of order, the exit music will play even though you still have more mission left to do. Please don't do dis. Also, currently I'm the only person who's playtested this, and it is the biggest script file for a Hitman mission (excluding Sniper Assassin), being almost 5x the size of the most complex Hitman mission, "Freedom Fighters"; so it's entirely possible you'll come up with issues I didn't encounter, PLEASE comment them here or over on HitmanForum!


Place the files in Steam\steamapps\common\HITMAN2\Runtime and rename "Choose Your Own Adventure - Sapienza.rpkg" so it looks like this: "chunk0patchX.rpkg" with the X being the next consecutive number of what you have (i.e. if the most recent file you have is called chunk0patch4.rpkg, then call this chunk0patch5.rpkg etc.).

When the game is next updated, you will then need to update the 'packagedefinition' so extra 'patches' (mods) are allowed (Until then, all you need to do is drag and drop the file I've provided). See this post if you need more information or the tool to do it for you