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Mission made using mod scripting. Kill a series of targets on the Training Yacht where you won't know who you have to get next! (Unless you memorize)

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**Version 1.2 now released**

Changes (v1.2):
- Now officially says "Target Practice" as mission name
- Picture changed and no longer replaces Freeform Training's picture

Can only be played in Offline Mode

I am pleased to publish Hitman 2's first ever public mod-created mission: Target Practice

This mission can only be played in OFFLINE MODE and replaces Freeform Training. The premise of this mission is you are given one target at a time, and can/should not proceed until you've killed the current target; who will the next target be? It's a mystery.

The targets are currently not random, so if you play it enough times, I can't stop you from memorising killing them all in one go; but give me a break this already much more impressive than a Custom Contract. And even more impressive considering they're made using Javascript coding, and I know absolutely nothing about Javascript.

Here's what's special about this mission that cannot be done in Contracts mode:

  1. This is a custom mission set during Freeform Training, a map that currently does not allow contracts
  2. In this mission you are allowed a custom loadout on the Training Yacht (Never been done before!)
  3. Most importantly, you are not assigned the next target until you kill the current one. Similar to Ghost Mode or The Vector.

Here's what I'm hoping to improve in the future (If anyone knows how, please message me on HitmanForum: KevinRudd):
  • Put in target randomisation from a pool of potential targets in the style of The Vector and The Fugitive (This looks not possible without the dev's tools), + have the target logo show up on HUD (Ghost mode Style)
  • Make it show up as one objective (The Vector Style) rather than 5 separate objectives.
  • Give this mission its own ID so it doesn't have to replace Freeform Training

Please feel free to comment feedback, especially on:
  • If the mission should take place in the Escalation version of the Yacht (No Diana intro, but no items laid out on the table)
  • If the loadout should go back to being restricted to pose more of a challenge
  • If any of the target choices are just awful in your opinion
  • If you think there should be more targets (I can put in as many as I want)


Place the file in Steam\steamapps\common\HITMAN2\Runtime and rename it so it looks like this: "chunk0patchX.rpkg" with the X being the next consecutive number of what you have (i.e. if the most up to date file you have is called chunk0patch4.rpkg, then call this chunk0patch5.rpkg etc.). You will then need to update the 'packagedefinition' so extra 'patches' (mods) are allowed. See this post if you need more information or the tool to do it for you