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First off, back up all vanilla campaign maps.

For Assembly Patching, download Assembly from Nexus.

First, Unpack Assembly to your desktop.

Second, Open up Assembly and at the top click TOOLS, then underneath TOOLS select Map Patcher.

Third, on the right hand side select Apply Patch.

Fourth, When asked Patch to Apply you will select an ASMP file. For Example m05.asmp
then for Unmodified Map, you will select the corresponding map file in this case it would be m05.map
then for your output map you will select a folder in which you will keep these maps saved in for later use.

Once all of these steps are complete, hit apply patch at the bottom, and if you did it correctly you will see a message saying
you are ready to go. If you get an error message, it is due to the fact that you did not properly unpack assembly to your desktop.

Credit AkFumbles
Enjoy :)