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v1.0 - Adds more Marines, more Covenant enemies and driveable Shadows to Outskirts. Swords of Sanghelios Edition adds allied Elite Majors and Grunt Majors, and much more!

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Outskirts - Battle for Mombasa. This mod refreshes several of the encounters in the mission Outskirts, including decreasing the amount of Jackal Snipers in infamous chokepoints on Legendary and increasing the number of Grunts that appear per squad. This mod also adds the Minor Domo and Major Domo variants for Elites in Classic graphics for some visual variation.

For unique vehicle fans, this mod makes the Shadow drivable, and increases the base speed of the Shadow when the player drives it, as for some reason the speed was capped very low when the player takes the controls. The infantry transport variant of the Shadow appears in this mod as well, although the vehicle itself is somewhat useless without an allied Elite in the turret.

Speaking of which, this mod also contains the Swords of Sanghelios Edition submod - recently updated to version 1.1 to improve vehicle spawns, increase allied Shadows and guarantee a Warthog in the beach section. This version of the mod adds in Elite and Grunt Majors as allies, and removes these units from the pool of enemy spawns. Instead they are replaced by more Grunt Ultras, Grunt Heavies and Stealth Elite Majors on the Covenant side, with recoloured ranks in Classic graphics for certain Elite ranks. The first Warthog the player receives is now replaced with a Shadow with an Elite manning in the turret, though an empty Warthog is still available. There is also a submod of this submod, the More Swords Edition, which adds even more ex-Covenant allies to the fray.

For those who have always wanted to fight Humans in Halo, this mod has the perfect edition for you - the Insurrection Edition. This submod adds enemy Insurrectionists to the level, who take the form of Marine Pilots. These opportunistic Human rebels are taking advantage of the chaos of the Covenant invasion to secure arms and tactical locations, and a squad are set on taking the local branch of the NMPD. According to rumour, these Insurrectionists are aided by Kig-Yar allies, and one such mercenary has agreed to help the Chief, Johnson and the Marines by leading them to the NMPD base. All the while, the area is guarded by the Bloodsuckers, a squadron of Insurrectionists snipers aided by Kig-Yar who are intent on taking out both UNSC and Covenant alike - in one shot on Legendary.

List of Changes

- Altered Elite armor colourations in Classic graphics to add in Minor Domo and Major Domo ranks
- Added more Covenant to each squad and added more diverse Grunt ranks into the level
- Added slightly more Marines and altered the appearance of some Marines to fit the theme of the level
- Altered weapon spawns of allies and enemies
- The Shadow is now driveable
- Added previously unseen infantry variant of the Shadow

Installation Instructions

- Installing this mod is simple. Navigate to the root folder for Halo: The Master Chief Collection - usually in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common, and go to the folder called 'halo 2'
- From there, open the folder called h2_maps_win64_dx11 - this contains all of the map files for Halo 2
- Next, BACK UP THESE FILES if you haven't already, just in case
- Then simply move the oldmombasa.map file that is this mod to replace the one in the maps file, and play Halo: MCC with Anti-Cheat disabled
- Now boot up the mission Outskirts on the difficulty of your choice, using whichever Skull modifiers you like.