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This mod is a total conversion of the Halo Reach campaign to play as the invading Covenant forces against the Human defenders.

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In order for this mod to work you must carefully follow the instructions in the video linked below and choose 22 SEPTEMBER 2020 for the manifest version you download of MCC - Base Depot and MCC - Reach: Campaign Depot!! ALSO for the batch file to work you will need to download .NET from here https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

-------> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t9PpvmhIFyBhiVu4N3ufkMlzhU-N9BwN/view?usp=sharing <-------
[Follow the instructions in this video to downgrade MCC to a compatible version with the mod!]

-------> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CyHreqaJQOfb7M-ohaNRyEir77nan88r/view?usp=sharing <-------
[This is the batch file used to downgrade the MCC version!]

In a parallel universe where the members of NOBLE Team were born on the opposite side of the war - making up one of the Covenant's deadly Zealot teams serving the Ministry of Fervent Intercession, in search of rare Forerunner artifacts. Meanwhile the UNSC trains hundreds of 'NOBLE Class' Spartan IIIs to face them. Take on the role of Zealot Team's newest Sangheili, a recently transferred Special Operations Elite known only as Six. Fight alongside the numerous forces of the Covenant armada against the heretical Humans and seek out the holy artifacts that may change the course of the war forever.

This mod is a total conversion of the Halo Reach campaign to play as the invading Covenant forces against the Human defenders. Don't forget to check out the Story Lore in the description below for the mod's storyline! Modifying of stats and designs have been kept to a minimum though, in order to preserve the feel of an authentic Halo game experience as Bungie intended. The changes in this mod include:

  • All Humans infantry, vehicles and weapons have been converted to Covenant equivalents.
  • All Covenant infantry, vehicles and weapons have been converted to Human equivalents.
  • Each mission has been tweaked to match a player Covenant storyline.
  • Allied spawn numbers have been increased to match Covenant numerical superiority.
  • Covenant HUD colours and Elite viewmodel added.
  • Mission objective text has been rewritten to match a Covenant storyline. 
  • Balancing tweaks to Human weaponry to account for hitscan more easily hitting the player.
  • Small buffs to Covenant weapon damage to encourage players to use thematic equipment.
  • Balancing tweaks to the ammo of the Plasma Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Plasma Launcher and Focus Rifle, so you don't run out of Covenant weapons to use during missions (Elites have a better understanding of using energy weapons properly than humans!).
  • Each level has one energy sword hidden somewhere in the map with infinite uses.
  • [Just for the laughs] All models in cutscenes have been converted, however they don't animate due to incompatible body types. This means they all look pretty silly, but that should make the cutscenes a lot of fun to watch. Though if you have a good imagination they can still work with the storyline! (Some cutscenes have been left with humans as they're meant to portray what the human side is up to)

Please note/Known issues:
- If your character has black/missing textures, try changing your custom multiplayer armour colour or resetting it to the default.
- The Pillar of Autumn's hitbox in the Long Night of Solace mission is a bit larger at the top than it looks. This is because the corvette is still there but invisible, it can't be removed fully since it's a part of the map's physical scenery.
- Pelicans don't have destruction effects due to not being killable in the original game.
-  In New Alexandria, if you have to escort a Phantom but it flies in circles, flying into it a few times will cause it to proceed properly.
- If you encounter any blank/black textures, exiting and starting the mission again or restarting MCC should fix it. Seems like it may be something to do with the engine.
- The first mission does not support co-op, as the Falcon's passenger placement has only been tested in singleplayer.
- It is recommended you use a fresh install of MCC with this mod, as there are no guarantees it is compatible with other mods or changes to the game.

If you'd like to get proper context of what the storyline of each mission is meant to be about, you can check out these in-character story briefings below as you reach each level. Enjoy!:

Mission 01 - NOBLE ACTUAL
Hail, Six. My name is Cah 'Rthar and I'm the Field Marshal of this Zealot team. You're new to this division so I'll give you the rundown.

The Ministry of Fervent Intercession has tasked us with a tremendous honor - to search and recover all holy relics that may aid us in the Great Journey. In battle you will get a chance to become more familiar with the rest of the team, there's Ka 'Ath our SpecOps tech expert, Imm 'Meele our Ranger, Juun our Sniper and Joruga our heavy artillery. Joruga's Mgalekgolo though, so be careful around them, they forget their size.

You're not in Special Operations anymore so I expect you to work with us as a team, we Zealots watch out for one another. Stay true to your training and we will have no problems.

We have reason to believe the Human colony world they call 'Reach' may be a the location of a large cache of sacred artifacts. Our mission is to make planetfall and infiltrate an enemy Relay Outpost that should hold data on the existence of these artifacts. If we can confirm their presence here, the Ministry will initiate a full scale assault on the planet to help us secure them.

A recon team of Special Operations Unggoy have been sent ahead to get a read of the area, but have not reported back. If we come across them we're to evac them so the Humans have no chance to learn our plans - Unggoy are not known for their self restraint when under questioning.

That is all. Let us bring glory to the Hierarchs and honor to our forefathers.

Mission 03 - ONI: SWORD BASE
You did well, Six. We were able to successfully decrypt data from the Human's Relay Outpost that exposed detailed findings of holy artifacts on the planet. It was more than enough to justify the Ministry's call for an invasion, which is already underway. The Super-Carrier 'Long Night of Solace' has been assigned to us and taken up a cloaked position in orbit. As planned, we will be heading in with the first wave to where the data has indicated we could find the artifacts, a facility the Humans call 'Sword Base'.

There's no way to tell how they may have desecrated the sacred grounds, but we will be sure to cleanse it now with their blood. Once we have secured the base, Huragok Engineers will be sent in to begin assessing the facility and analysing any evidence that may lead to uncovering the artifacts.

Mission 04 - NIGHTFALL
The facility is ours, while the Huragok continue their research on the site, we shall aid the invasion forces in further securing the planet. Our orders are to head to the Invasion Rally Point, where the Long Night of Solace has landed cloaking Spires. The Humans have not yet discovered our forces there, but we have reports they are sending recon teams into the area. We must hunt down these interlopers and destroy them before they can discover the Rally Point. If they attempt to sabotage any of our Stealth Pylons it is imperative we disarm them in order to maintain coverage of the dark zone.

You did well Six, the Humans in your sector failed to discover the Invasion Rally Point. Unfortunately our forces on the other fronts were not so capable. Multiple other recon teams managed to relay our positions back to the Humans and now it is inevitable they will launch a major offensive to disrupt our attack plans. We must begin immediate preparations for an incoming attack force and do what we can to secure the Super-Carrier's Spires. The Humans will likely target our Anti-Air Cannons, prioritise defending their positions.

Disgraceful, after being shot down by the Humans upon nearing the Spire, you failed to stop the heretics from hacking into it and disabling the shield. This allowed their ships to destroy the Spire and lower the Long Night of Solace's cloak. The Humans now know of the Super-Carrier's presence, making it vulnerable to attack. In fact, we have recently intercepted encoded enemy transmissions mentioning an 'Operation Red Flag'. We cannot be certain of the details, but we were able to deduce they are planning a large scale assault to board the Super-Carrier with the use of a Cruiser called the 'Pillar of Autumn'.

We do not know what they are hoping to achieve, but we cannot take any chances letting them enter the ship. The Long Night of Solace would not be able to destroy their Cruiser before they board and we cannot pull the Super-Carrier back without stranding our forces on the ground. The shame alone of showing such cowardice after losing the Spire would be beyond imagining. We must make a stand here and send these pests running back to the caves they crawled out of.

We are being sent to one of their research facilities, where our spy probes report they have been experimenting on stolen Seraphs they recently shot down. Should they be space worthy, we shall retake them and fly to the Super-Carrier in orbit. There we shall meet with the Corvette 'Ardent Prayer' and intercept the Pillar of Autumn together. The plan is to swiftly board it, plant an antimatter charge, and destroy the vessel before it can reach the Long Night of Solace.

This will no doubt be a difficult task, but it will be our only opportunity to regain our honor. We must clean up the mess we caused. We cannot fail, the Great Journey demands it.

Mission 07 - EXODUS
A glorious victory, you were able to save the Long Night of Solace impending doom, but at the cost of Joruga - their sacrifice will not be forgotten. Six, you must regroup with us in the nearby Human settlement of 'New Alexandria'. Aid our forces wiping out the infidels in whatever ways you can, we must strike them down while they are concentrated in one location. Do not let them escape divine justice.

Good to have you back Six, you did well taking out the Frigate that was guarding their evacuation transports. Now that we have them trapped, we must cause chaos in their ranks by disrupting their communications. They cannot be allowed to mount an organised defense. We would glass them right now if it were not for their Headquarters, which contains important relics and data the Huragok need in order to unlock the secrets of the artifacts on this planet.

Our troops have set up jamming devices throughout the settlement but the Humans are proving meddlesome, they have interrupted the troops during the activation procedure leaving the devices useless. Take a Phantom and head to the sites of the jamming devices, secure their positions and activate them. This should subdue the Humans enough that we may seize the required data from their Headquarters, at which point the Cruisers may begin the glassing procedure.

Mission 09 - THE PACKAGE
Our Phantoms have successfully extracted the relics from the Human's Headquarters that the Huragok need, a triumphant day. I even managed to catch one of the Demons off guard with a single needle round, was a fine kill indeed. The head Engineer at the Sword base 'Stays In Place', has reported some blessed news - there is a strong possibility there may be a holy Oracle located in the caves beneath the facility. However, a surprise attack was just launched by the Humans, putting this sacred discovery in grave jeopardy. They seek to destroy the facility and rob us of this destined reclamation. Most of our anti-air defenses are already destroyed, we must strike swiftly and without hesitation to rescue Stays In Place and recover the Oracle.

The Oracle is now safe in our hands, but we must get it off the planet as soon as possible. The Humans are throwing everything they have at us to halt our holy pilgrimage. An artifact of this importance has attracted the attention of the Supreme Commander of the invasion fleet himself, Thel 'Vadamee. He will be meeting us at the Cruiser Truth and Reconciliation to secure the hand-off of the Oracle. The fleet will be sending us heavy reinforcements as escort, including Scarab units. You must protect the Oracle at all costs, the very future of the Great Journey might rely on it.

Mission 11 - LONE WOLF
Well fought, Six. You have proven yourself to be a true warrior worthy of embarking on the Great Journey. Imm 'Meele will be honored for his bravery for generations to come. The Oracle is safe aboard the Truth and Reconciliation, who knows what secrets it shall enlighten us to. The conquest of Reach is almost at an end, only small pockets of Human resistance now remain. Your duty is done, you have brought great glory and honor upon the Zealots, the Hierarchs will surely praise us for our efforts.

For now there is one final task on Reach that I entrust you with. There have been reports of a fearsome Demon near your location said to be named 'The Lone Wolf'. He has been shamelessly slaughtering our troops without mercy. I want you to assist our forces in the area with hunting down this wolf and putting an end to his evil. Today, a Demon is your prey, an apt test for a true warrior such as you. Go now Six, be the herald of holy fury.

With Cortana in the Covenant's hands, it did not take long for them to unlock her secrets and discover Halo. With complete control of the installation, and Humanity on the run, they were eventually able to force its activation - to great jubilation on their worlds, the 'Great Journey' began.

As the Prophets had promised, no one was left behind.


There are two ways to download the mod, you can either download the mission files (however this may take a while as it's a 7GB file), or you can download the patch files and use Assembly to patch your game's mission files (smaller download but more complicated and tedious to install).

Alternative MediaFire download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2kh2kzpcfhpjss0/file

- Installing mod with mission files download [RECOMMENDED].

1) After downloading, navigate to your Halo Reach mission directory (usually something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps).

2) Create a new folder (call it something like 'Backups') and drag all *your* regular map files into it (anything in the maps folder called like 'map20.map'), everything from 'm05' to 'm70_bonus' but ALSO include 'campaign.map' and 'shared.map'.

3) Drag the mod's map files from the RAR file into your maps folder.

4) Make sure you start the game in Anti-Cheat Disabled mode. Congrats, you've successfully installed the mod!

- Installing mod with patch files download [DUE TO HALO 3 UPDATE PATCH FILES NO LONGER WORK]

1) After downloading the mod files, you need to download and install the modding program called Assembly. You can find it here: https://github.com/XboxChaos/Assembly/releases (click on the text 'Assembly.Downloader.zip').

2) After installing Assembly, navigate to your Halo Reach mission directory (usually something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps). Create a new folder (call it something like 'Backups') and drag all *your* regular map files into it (anything in the maps folder called like 'map20.map'), everything from m05 to m70_bonus.

3) Drag the patch files from the RAR file into your maps folder. You should now open Assembly, click on the "TOOLS" option in the top left corner, and then "Map Patcher" in the drop-down menu.

4) Click the "Apply Patch" option and press the three dots '...' button on the far right on the top line. Navigate to your maps folder and select the first mission patch 'm05' and click Open. Go to the second line's '...' button and then go to your backups folder where the original map files are located, and select the map with the same matching name. Finally, go to the third line's '...' button, make sure you're in the maps folder, and click save (the correct name should be automatically filled in).

5) Click the "Apply Patch" button at the bottom of the page, it will now create your own moded mission file. You must now do this process again for each of the maps from m05 to m70_bonus in order for all the campaign's maps to be patched.

6) Make sure you start the game in Anti-Cheat Disabled mode. Congrats, you've successfully installed the mod!