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DanBass2 strikes again with this EPIC modification.

Well, maybe not so epic. This mod in addition to changing the silent cartographer to a nighttime environment, also adds some of the Halo PC features to the level like the Fuel rod cannon, flamethrower, and rocket hog and new enemies. I also change up a few of the encounters but nothing

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Original Overview:
DanBass2 strikes again with this EPIC modification. This was really something I did not intend to post. I was just getting a feel for some of the new Halo CE modding tools and decided that maybe someone would find this neat. It's a pretty small-scale mod and doesn't change a whole lot but I thought it was neat. In addition to changing the time of day, this mod adds some of the Halo PC features to the level like the fuel rod gun, flamethrower, and rocket hog. I also change up bit of the scenery and encounters

Update 1.1:
So again much like when I first posted this mod, I was just messing around with Halo CE modding tools a bit more and decided to revamp this mod to be a little more interesting while still being relatively tame. So while this mod still isn't anything crazy, if you are looking to spice up your Halo CE playthrough while still feeling like the vanilla game, then this mod is for you. I added a few new enemies from other Halo games such as the Elite and Grunt Ultras and spiced up the scenery a bit including making the level itself darker (not the water though) and adding more lights and stuff.

New Enemies (Added in 1.1):
  • Grunt Heavy: The green-clad Grunt Heavies make their return from Halo 2 and replace the fuel rod-wielding spec ops grunts in the level as the heavy grunts are a little more fitting and more lore friendly (why would there just be like three random SpecOps grounds on this island?).
  • Grunt Ultra: The Grunt Ultra from Halo 2 arrives and is a slightly beefier grunt (though still very easy to kill). They can also wield plasma rifles.
  • Grunt Stealth: Active-Camo Grunts that can usually be found accompanying stealth elites.
  • Elite Ultra: The Elite Ultra from Halo 2 arrives and is a slightly beefier elite; It can also throw grenades.

Additions to The Level:
  • Fuel Rod Guns placed around map
  • Flamethrowers placed around map
  • Rocket hog placed at bravo 22 crash site
  • New small ghost camps placed around map
  • A few other scenery shenanigans
  • New pelican crash site with sniper rifle
  • Sniper rifle and flamethrower ammo placed around map

Additions to The Level (Added in 1.1):
  • Secret Skull placed on map (not where the anniversary skull is)
  • More scenery placed including lights to illuminate sights of interest
  • Added Grunt Ultras, Grunt Heavies, Grunt Stealths, and Elite Ultras to some encounters

Other Changes to The Level:
  • Changed time of day (duh).
  • Changed some encounters to include fuel rod grunts.
  • Added more marines and enemies to beach landing.
  • Changed some weapon and vehicle spawns around.

Other Other Changes to The Level (Added in 1.1):
  • Made level even darker
  • Replaced SpecOps Grunts with Grunt Heavies

Other Things of Note:
  • Fuel Rod Grunts will not drop their fuel rods so you have to find ground pick ups.
  • I do not plan on any updates unless something is broken. (This aged well!!!)
  • I don't know when I will fix that one Halo 3 mod (I actually tried recently but than that broke while I was making it sooo.....).
  • There are only two sniper rifles but there are a few other spots where you can find ammo.

I hope you enjoy it if you end up trying it.