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Halo 3: Zombies brings the classic zombie survival experience to Halo. Fight hard to survive round after round, with the flood growing stronger and more numerous as rounds progress. This mode features a points system, with guns and perks available to purchase. If you get lucky, a few special powerups might drop from zombie corpses too.

Permissions and credits
Halo 3: Zombies

Please note that this mod needs to be played with MCC set to English for the score and custom strings to be visible.

Easter Egg:

Find and destroy seven hidden creatures which lurk in the shadows of the map to unlock the egg. Do this and finish the mode by surviving past round 20 on Heroic or higher and a very special secret is unlocked.

Secret ending special actions (these actions only work in single player):
  • Grenade button -     Evade left
  • Switch weapon button - Evade right
  • Jump button - Dive forward
  • Melee button -Melee
Key Features:
  • Round bases waves of flood. With every new round, the flood grows stronger, more numerous and will start employing more varied flood types to keep things a challenge.
  • Full cooperative support. Team up with up to three others to take on the flood, work together to earn points, but make sure your friends are willing to play fair. Points are shared across the team, don't get greedy and you might survive.
  • A fully functional downed state and revive system. Zombie smack you too hard? Don't worry, as long as you brought a friend they simply have to get nice and close and hold the scoreboard button (defaults to TAB on PC and BACK on an Xbox controller) to revive you. And in case you came to this fight alone, the Revive Ready perk gives you an escape from death when downed (solo mode only).  
  • Speaking of perks, players can also spend their points on Shield Up! Put a few more layers of energy shielding between the flood and you. In co-op mode Revive Ready doubles the speed at which you can revive downed players. Note that perks are lost upon being downed.
  • Wall guns, and they ain't free. A few standard issue firearms as well as some covenant accquisitons are available for purchase at your nearest wall. However, if you want the best stuff both the UNSC and the Covenant has to offer you'll have to try your luck at the Mystery Box. If you're really lucky you might even find something Forerunner in there.
  • An assortment of perks have a chance to drop from corpses of the flood you'll leave in your wake. A total of five powerups feature in this mod, they'll be sure to get you out of any sticky situation.
  • Special flood waves. The gravemind doesn't want to lose this fight, watch out for an untimely cover of darkness.

How to Manually Install and play:

    [I recommend creating a backup of the map file: 010_jungle (located in halo3>maps) as my file will replace this one. If you're using the version which allows you to play as your own custom spartan / elite, also create a backup of your halo3.dll (located in halo3)]1. Extract the downloaded file and place the folder labled "halo3" in your Halo The Master Chief Collection directory (same folder as the mcclauncher.exe).2. Launch MCC with Anti-Cheat off and load the mission Sierra 117. Any co-op players will need to have the map installed also.=== NOTES ===If you have accidentally deleted either the original halo3.dll or 010_jungle.map files, the mod's nexus page has downloads for the originals. You can also verify your files through steam to restore the original files.MCC will prevent you from launching Halo 3 maps when you've got the modded DLL installed and are in anti-cheat on mode. Ensure you replace the original DLL when you want to jump into matchmaking.

Enabling Mods on the Windows Store Version:

Thank you to Hamel for this video installation guide (ensure you also install the dll if choosing the custom version):

Zombie Survival Guide:
  • You'll need to first pick your difficulty. For anyone with a good bit of Halo experience I recommend starting on Heroic and adjusting the difficulty from there as seems suitable. Legendary is the ultimate challenge, without perks regular combat forms will down the player in two to three hits.
  • Due to scripting limitations, points must be shared between co-op players. To balance this mode for co-op, players will receive bonus starting points depending on the number of players in game. Plus they'll be more zombies to kill in coop, ergo more points. Start bashing skulls.
  • Perks are costly but will do wonders in helping you survive in later waves, just remember that perks are lost upon being downed or killed. This applies to both solo and co-op.
  • The bright moon in the sky keeps things well lit, but don't forget your flashlight when you need it.
  • Eager to keep jumping back into the action? The introductory cutscene can be skipped by pressing the jump button, it can also be voided entirely by starting on the Bravo or Charlie Rally Points.
  • You should have gone for the head. Zombies no longer die instantly to headshots (where the infection form is), instead all weapons now do increased damage to this weak spot.
  • Note that energy / plasma weapons cannot have their ammo replenished.


  • Lord Zedd and the Xbox Chaos team for building the modding tool, Assembly.
  • Gravemind2401 for Reclaimer and the Architect plugin. I had to place a lot of objects in this map, Architect was an invaluable tool.
  • SnipeStyle for his Halo 3 script compiler. This mod would have been impossible without it.
  • Forerunner for his model importing tool.
  • dav_gumball for pre-release playtesting
  • ThunderMG for playtesting and feedback. He earns the title of chief map escape artist.
  • SpacedZed for playtesting, feedback and ideas.
  • Gamecheat13 for playtesting and trying to cheat out of my map constantly.
  • The Vengeful 'Vadam for post release feedback and assistance with bug fixing.
  • Kronk for some very thorough feedback on weapon balance.
  • Krevil for creating the DLL that allows for mulitplayer character and weapon models in campaign.
  • Opulent Myzery for the new and improved zombies logo.

All assets within this mod were created using existing MCC assets or created from scratch in Blender.

Discord Link:  https://discord.gg/Rc9gGAZgha

Feel free to join the discord for help with this mod, reporting bugs, proposing suggestions, or just to hang out and post how many rounds you've survived.