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Play as the Army Troopers, UNSC Marines, or ODSTs in Firefight for an intense, tactical gamemode.
Most UNSC weapons are rebalanced to make the mode more of a tactical shooter.

Permissions and credits
Be sure to use the settings below!

update 05-05-24: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=3240182577 New version of mod relased on workshop

How to install:

-Backup all the vanilla firefight maps, put them aside in a folder encase you want to play normal firefight again
-Move all the modded maps into "maps" folder "Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps"
-Replace those
-Launch the game from your steam library (not shortcuts) WITHOUT anti-cheat to be safe
-Do 'custom firefight'
-Invite some friends, you'll need backup (Make sure they have the mod installed, too)

How to setup:

Edit Spartan traits in the lobby options: 
- Turn off shields (they are off by default but you must set the option to get rid of the beep-beep-beep sound)
- Set damage resistance to 50% for a more tactical intense experience. You can still take damage with this setting but not for long!
- Set jump height to 125% (Marines have practically no jump by default so this makes it decent)
- Turn off motion tracker
- Add health regeneration to make it a little easier.
- For some reason, they 3rd and 4th player use their spartan colours to modify the trooper's colour scheme - setting it to a silver or sage is fitting.

- Use only the jetpack and evade armor abilities
With evade you can dive forward and left-right with fancy animations
You can't steer with the jetpack, you need to be running first then use that momentum to go forward

-Play on legendary (The mod is balanced for that, plus it's the best experience. With the rebalanced weapons plus teamwork with your squadmates you can stay alive)

Once you setup the Firefight options be sure to save it as a preset so you don't have to do it each time you play!

Here's a discord server for people to organize matches: https://discord.gg/FsyvAFP

Weapon changes:
-DMR is truly semi-automatic; no long pauses between shots
-Assault rifle is more powerful to match the 308 cartrage the DMR uses. It also fires faster.
-Grenade launcher has more velocity, it's now useful over longer ranges.
-Sniper rifle is a scary anti-material rifle that does way more damage
-Rocket launcher has a fast projectile like a true rocket
-Shotgun is more realistic
-Ammo counts for rare UNSC weapons are increased to compensate for their scarcity and how frequent you die
-Some Covenant weapons are more deadlier against humans

-Remember: You are NOT a Spartan
-Fire the assault rifle in very short bursts at mid-to-long range, it's actually quite effective at distances when doing this
-There's no sniper zoom on the DMR but if you hold right click you still get better accuracy
-Set crouch mode to "toggle" so it's easier to pop up and down
-Stay in cover
-Use cover
-Pop in and out of cover
-Utilize that 3rd person camera for more situational awareness
-Modify the firefight waves to your liking - the vanilla starting jackal hordes aren't that fun. Try adding more elites, skirmishers, etc for more of a tough time.

Your trooper appearance matches the map you play on. Example: on corvette level you play as the boarding marines/pilots; shipyards you are UNSC Marines; ODSTs on the destroyed Sword Base; badlands troopers on the desert maps, etc etc