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Allows talking to the Chef in the house of hades for Boons that last one run. These boons encourage you to have different playstyles and tactics. They are based off the food in game, so be prepared for a lot of sushi.

Permissions and credits
Talk to the head chef once per run, and choose among 3 delicious meals. These will grant buffs that offer you to play outside your comfort zone and experiment. You can only eat 1 meal before each run, so choose wisely then plan your boons around the meal you ate! To eat a meal simply walk up to the chef in the House of Hades, and interact with him like you normally would (except you don't need fish). Then, select one of 3 meals from the menu, and you're set!

Current Meals:

        Trout Soup: 
        Gain a 25% chance to upgrade any fish to the next rarity.
Steamed Chlams:
 All Boons decreasing the amount of damage taken, decrease by 2 times more.
 Hellfish Scoop:
        After standing still for 1.5 seconds, gain Sturdy. Sturdy reduces damage taken: by 30%.

        Pom Seed Salad:
        For every 5 boons gained, every boon that can gain a level, gains a level.

        Kids Meal:
        Gain 5% extra damage for every boon that belongs to the god you have the highest amount of boons from. 

Rock Candy:
       When your cast hits a enemy, a rock falls on them. You also have 1 more casts for each floor you clear(including this one). 

        Hellfire Energy Ribs:
        25% Increased Chance of running into Zeus, and Zeus Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better.

        Lover's Koi
        25% Increased Chance of running into Aphrodite, and Aphrodite Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better.

        Forgiveness Claws
        25% Increased Chance of running into Demeter, and Demeter Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better. 
        Snake-Eye Shake
        25% Increased Chance of running into Ares, and Ares Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better.

        Barricade Puffer
25% Increased Chance of running into Athena, and Athena Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better. 

        10-Arrow Sushi
        25% Increased Chance of running into Artemis, and Artemis Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better.

        Curious Elixir
        25% Increased Chance of running into Poseidon, and Poseidon Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better.

        Dazing Knuckledrink
        25% Increased Chance of running into Dionysus, and Dionysus Boons have 15% Increased chance to be Rare or better.

        Mystery Jan's
        Gain a random boon. Every 3 stages it becomes another random boon. These boons are always common and always non-slot boons.

        Stabsinthe Spirit
       All your revenge traits deal 150% more damage.

        Fillet of Slurgh
        Your cast throws an aura. You only have one cast but it deals 100 damage and pierces enemies.
Current Duo Meals:

        Cthulu Buffet (1 Scyllascion + 1 Projelly): 
        Gain a 50% higher chance of finding Chaos Gates and entrance only costs 1 health.

        King's Yellow Shake (1 Scyllascion + 5 Knuckleheads):
        Gain a 50% higher chance of finding Erebus Gates and entrance only requires 1 heat. 

Submit any meal ideas to the community tab
How to install :

Video tutorial :

With mod importer :

-Download attached archive
-Download and install Python
-Download Magic's mod importer and its SJSON module
-Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Hades\Content (or Epic launcher equivalent)
-Extract archives
-Run modimporter (double click)
-Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Hades\Content (or Epic launcher equivalent)
-Extract archive in the Mods folder (create it if it doesn't exist)
-Download ModUtil into Steam\steamapps\common\Hades\Content\Mods
-Run modimporter (double click)

How to uninstall :

-Make sure you are not in a run when you exit the game!
-Delete ChefCuisineMod in Mods folder
-Run modimporter

How to update :
-Extract new archive into the Mods folder and replace existing files. Also check installation instructions for possible changes.