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Allows you to reroll Hammers, change the cost of rerolls and more via an in-game UI

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Allows you to reroll anything (Hammers, rooms, boons etc), change the cost of rerolls (including making rerolling free), start runs with more rerolls all via an in-game UI.

  • Open the boon menu (B by default) and there will be a button in the bottom left to configure your reroll settings.
  • By default, hammers can be rerolled, Fated Persuasion and Fated Authority are both enabled and all costs are vanilla.

Follow the video guide here by PonyWarrior:  https://youtu.be/YF0ij7MgOrI

Here are some text instructions if you prefer, but watch the above video if you have any issues:

Steps for any new format Mod:
- Download and install Python
- Download Magic's mod importer
- Download ModUtil

Steps for this Mod:
Go to Steam, right click Hades > Properties... > Local Files tab > Browse Local Files > go into Content folder
 - The full path on my machine is C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hades\Content
- Make a directory called "Mods" if there isn't one.
- Extract ModUtil into the Mods folder
- Download Ello's Reroll Everything Mod from this page
- Extract the zip into the Mods folder
- Run the modimporter.py script (double click or run from cmd line)

 - There have been reports that the reroll button disappeared or reverted to its normal cost in certain situations like Trial of the Gods

v3.1 - Fixed mysterious bug in iterator code (possibly from newer ModUtil version?)
v3.0 - Removed packaged version of ModUtil since updates to modimporter broke it. You will now need to download ModUtil directly from Magic's page
v2.0 - Fixed reroll bug
        - Added room reroll support
        - Added config for starting with more rerolls
        - Allowed rerolls to be used on everything regardless of which mirror upgrade is in use
v1.1 - Removed testing cheat that gave 1000 rerolls. Hid menu button on clear screen.  Renamed Poms display name to Poms of Power
v1.0 - Initial release