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Shows a DPS meter overlay with your breakdown by damage source.

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Ever wonder just how good Support Fire is? Or how much damage your doom actually is doing?

Ello's DPS Meter will show your damage breakdown by damage source for each room as you play through the game.
Or use it in combination with PonyWarrior's Codex Mod to test out theoretical builds against Skelly!

1. Hit stuff
2. See DPS in the bottom left

If you are testing DPS against Skelly, you can clear your DPS by waiting 5 seconds without dealing damage

Follow the video guide here by PonyWarrior:  https://youtu.be/YF0ij7MgOrI

Here are some text instructions if you prefer, but watch the above video if you have any issues:

Steps for any new format Mod:
- Download and install Python
- Download Magic's mod importer
- Download ModUtil

Steps for this Mod: 
Go to Steam, right click Hades > Properties... > Local Files tab > Browse Local Files > go into Content folder
 - The full path on my machine is C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hades\Content
- Make a directory called "Mods" if there isn't one.
- Extract ModUtil into the Mods folder
- Download Ello's Dps Meter from this page
- Extract the boon selector in the Mods folder
- Run the modimporter.py script (double click or run from cmd line)

Uninstall instructions:
1. Delete or Rename the "Contents/Mod" folder
2. Rerun modimporter
- If you want to be extra certain, you can "Validate game files" in Steam

Known Issues
- Charmed enemies will do huge damage.  Unclear if this is accurate
- Damage source names use the in-code weapon names.  This may not be entirely clear (for example RangedWeapon is actually your cast)

v1.1 - Removed packaged modutil and modimporter, please use the link above to get these tools from their respective pages
v1.0 - Initial release