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About this mod

Adds various quality of life features and more. Fully configurable.

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/!\ Please report bugs in the bug tab /!\

Pony's Quality Of Life

What does this mod do?

This mod adds various quality of life features.

"Gameplay" features have been splintered into a new mod, 
Pony's Adjustable Balance.

Remember to check the changelogs right above to know what has changed!

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Because of the many features this mod has, it's important that you know what they are, how to use them and enable/disable them. Below is a list of features grouped by modules and an explanation as to what they do. Some modules may have sub-modules.
If you want to enable/disable or configure a feature, you will find the same name in the config of this mod.

To access the config, first install the mod then open config.lua in Content/Mods/PonyQOL/
In this file you will find all features grouped into modules which you can disable or enable.
Simply change Enabled = false to disable any module. Some modules have additional config options, what they do is explained in comments.

List of Features :

Enabled by default
Improves the boon list by showing incompatibilities and hidden requirements
Adds a boon list to Daedalus hammer, individual weapons and Charon
Adds infographs in the boon list. Press Enter when using keyboard and Attack when using controller to close.
Includes infographs for Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, Ares, Hermes, Dionysus, Demeter

Enabled by default
Adds a bulk buy toggle to the broker

Enabled by default
Adds a reset button to the pact of punishment

Enabled by default
Adds a permanent chamber counter at the top right of the screen during runs

Enabled by default
Adds small animated pom icons to level-able boons, disable when using the starting boon selector mod

Enabled by default
Adds a Commendations tab in the codex which lists all victory messages and their requirements
Completing a run will mark all messages you qualified for as completed

Enabled by default
Lets you practice fishing while in the House by holding your 'Shout' key for 3 seconds. Fishing state is displayed below the bobber

Enabled by default
Adds numeric health below the health bar of bosses

Enabled by default
Adds an on screen hint when you can use your regular shout, similar to max power shout hint

Enabled by default
Lets you swap weapons after beating a boss, all boons except hammers are kept when swapping

Enabled by default
When using more heat than required, all additional bounties are rewarded and completed when defeating bosses (you don't need to increase heat 1 by 1)

Enabled by default
Adds a refund titan blood button to all weapons. Costs 2 keys for 1 blood by default, cost is configurable and includes a free mode option.

Enabled by default
God keepsake uses are refreshed/reset to 1 after completing a region

Disabled by default
Adds configurable run loot caps, includes : 
-Maximum hammers
-Maximum Hermes
-Maximum Gods

Enabled by default
When enabled you will always encounter Sisyphus, Euridyce and Patroclus

Enabled by default
Displays boon levels in the pool of purging screen and shows warnings when opening pool of purging with pauper's curse

Disabled by default
Disables achievement unlocks when enabled

Disabled by default
When enabled doors are locked until you have used the fishing point in that room
A warning message pops up at the end of an encounter if a fishing spot is in that room

Enabled by default
Displays numeric value of the wrath bar when you have a shout boon. Includes two display modes and optional value rounding.

Disabled by default
Adds configurable room object spawn chances, includes : Chaos door, Erebus gates, Infernal troves, Charon's wells, Pools of purging, Fishing points, Charon shop forbidden item
Each object has its individual config separate from the rest. Includes spawn chance and ignore requirements option.

Disabled by default
Enable to set a fixed damage resistance value for god mode

Disabled by default
Enable to only receive room rewards of a desired type, either MetaProgress or RunProgress
MetaProgress = resources used outside of runs like darkness and keys
RunProgress = resources used during a run like boons and hammers

Disabled by default
Enable to always encounter Thanatos in a run, includes max spawn, spawn location and ignore requirements options

Enabled by default
When enabled a warning appears at the start of an encounter if a golden urn spawned in the room

Disabled by default
Lets you unlock any or all hidden aspects.


How to install :

Make sure your character is not in a run before installing!

Video tutorial :

With mod importer :

-Download attached archive
-Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Hades\Content (or Epic launcher equivalent)
-Extract archive in the Mods folder (create it if it doesn't exist)
-Download and install Python
-Download Magic's mod importer and its SJSON module
-Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Hades\Content (or Epic launcher equivalent)
-Extract archives
-Run modimporter (double click)

How to uninstall :

-Make sure you are not in a run when you exit the game!
-Delete PonyQol_PonyWarrior in Mods folder
-Run modimporter

How to update :
-Extract new archive into the Mods folder and replace existing files. Also check installation instructions for possible changes.

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