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You ever get frustrated that you can't find the god you like in a run? This mod turns all the god keepsakes into super versions that never run out of uses. Guarantees the god show up in almost every room.

Permissions and credits
This is a mod for Supergiant's action rougelite: Hades. This mod turns the God keepsakes into super versions that never run out, guaranteeing that they always show up in your run
How to setup
Requires: Python version 3.
  • Navigate a command line to your hades base directory. Enter /Content. Clone this repository there.
  • Run python importmods.py
How to disable.In Scripts/Mods/SuperKeepsakeMod/superkeepsakeMod.lua find this line: Enabled = true, -- Easy access to turn on and off this mod
 and set it to false in order to disable the mod.