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Use the true power of the codex with the codex menu. Spawn boons, items, consumables, enemies, bosses, or unleash powerful commands.

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Codex Menu


This mod adds a new Commands tab and many extra functionalities to the in-game codex, letting you cheat, test or debug anything you want.

Most commands can be used from the Commands tab in the Codex, but some of them can only be used on specific codex entries, such as spawning boons or starting boss fights.

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Follow the instructions on Mod Importer’s page and make sure you also install Mod Utility.

Video tutorial :


Here is a list of all the features of Codex Menu.

To use any of them :
1. Open the codex
2. Navigate to the correct entry
3. Press the ‘Confirm’ key (Keyboard= Enter, Xbox = X, Ps = Square)

Boon selector
Codex entry : all gods, Chaos and the Daedalus Hammer.
When opening the boon selector, all available boons to spawn will be displayed. Already equipped boons will be grayed out and disabled.

You can select a rarity by clicking on the bottom buttons, otherwise default rarity is common. You can also spawn the standard room reward boon by clicking “Spawn regular boon”. To manage currently equipped boons please use the Boon manager.

Boon manager
Codex entry : Commands tab or Eurydice
When opening the boon manager, all the boons you have will be displayed. If there are too many, they will be displayed on the next page. The boons are color coded by god and rarity, and the level is displayed. Your weapon aspect, keepsake and assist are not shown.

At the bottom are four selectable mods :

-Level mode increases the level of a boon by 1, up to 10. If used on a Charon well boon, it duplicates it.

-Rarity mode increases the rarity of a boon by one level, up to Heroic. No effect on Heroic and Legendary boons, also keeps the boon’s level intact.

-Delete mode removes the boon

-All mode affects all boons at once. When used with Rarity mode it sets the Rarity to Heroic and level to 1.

-Clicking either Level mode or Rarity mode again after selecting it will switch from ‘Increase’ to ‘Decrease’ (Currently not working with All mode)

Select either Level mode, Rarity mode or Delete mode then click on a boon. Click All mode to toggle it on, then click on any boon to affect all of them.

Duo boon selector
Codex entry : Commands tab or Dusa
Same as the boon selector, however only shows duo boons.

Resource spawner
Codex entry : Commands tab
Lets you spawn any resource in any amount you want. Use the buttons to select a resource and amount then click the spawn button.

Dialog manager
Codex entry : Commands tab
Select a character, a textline set then force or unforce a dialog to play next time you interact with the character by pressing the button. White = unseen dialog, green = seen dialog, blue = dialog is in the forced queue.

Save state
Codex entry : Commands tab or Orpheus

Using this command will save the following :
- All your boons
- Your weapon and its aspect
- Your keepsake
- Your companion

Which you can then load with the load state command, replacing everything you had equipped with your saved state. Making a saved state is needed to use the boss fight command.

Load saved state
Codex entry : Commands tab or Patroclus
Loads your saved state, which you create with the save state command. Will erase everything you have equipped when loading the saved state.

Start boss fight
Codex entry : Megaera, Alecto, Tisiphone, Bone Hydra, Asterius, Theseus and Hades.
Starts a boss fight with the selected boss and loads your saved state. If you haven’t made a saved state you will spawn with nothing equipped.
After defeating the boss, either use the kill player command or start another boss fight.

Spawn enemy
Codex entry : Any Perilous Foes entry
Spawns the selected enemy near the player. If spawned in the courtyard they will stand still, if spawned during a run they will attack the player.

Change weapon or aspect
Codex entry : Any Infernal Arms entry
Changes your equipped weapon to the one selected and opens the aspect selection menu.

Kill player
Codex entry : Commands tab or Skelly
Kills the player.

Clear all boons
Codex entry : Commands tab or Zagreus
Removes all boons you have equipped.

Use shout
Codex entry : Commands tab or Achilles
Closes the codex and launches a greater call if you have one equipped.

Open keepsake rack
Codex entry : Commands tab or Cerberus
Opens the keepsake rack.

Open Charon shop
Codex entry : Commands tab or Charon
Opens Charon’s well.

Open pool
Codex entry : Commands tab or Hypnos
Opens the pool of purging.

Open custom mirror of night
Codex entry : Commands tab or Nyx
Opens a mirror of the night with the following changes :
- All upgrades are free
- All unlocks are free
- Refund is free and auto reopens mirror
- Added reopen mirror button

Using the refund button will always refund 0 darkness, give yourself a key and refund on the regular mirror to not lose your darkness the first time you use this.
When swapping upgrades you need to click on the reopen button to set the prices to 0 again.

Mod list
Codex entry : Commands tab
Lists all the mods you have installed. Can only list mods registered with Mod Utility.

Clear run history
Codex entry : Commands tab
Clears all history of previous runs.