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Use the true power of the codex with the codex menu. Spawn boons, items, consumables, enemies, bosses, or unleash powerful commands.

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/!\ Please report bugs in the bug tab /!\

Codex Menu Mod

What does this mod do?

This mod makes the codex a "cheat menu", allowing you to spawn items, boons, summon enemies and perform commands by pressing the codex key while a specific entry is open.

Remember to check the changelogs right above to know what has changed!

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Video showcase :

Note: The confirm key has changed since the release of this video, please read the description below!!!!

Current features :
Boons :
-Spawn any boon

Items :
-Spawn all items
Fish :
-Spawn all fishes

Weapons :
-Switch to any weapon and aspect
Enemies :
-Spawn all enemies

Bosses :
-Start all Boss fights

Other features :
-Clear all boons
-Launch greater call
-Open Keepsake Rack
-Open Charon Well
-Open Pool of Purging
-Open custom Mirror of Night
-Open Boon Manager
-Save current state
-Load saved state
-Open Resource Menu
-Mod List

How to use :

Open the codex, open the correct entry, then press the 'Confirm' key (Keyboard= Enter, Xbox = X, Ps4 = Square)

Spawn boon:
-Any Olympian God entry
-Chaos entry
-Daedalus hammer entry
-Duo selector in Commands tab or Dusa entry for duo boons

How to use the boon selector :


Change weapon or aspect :
Any Infernal Arms entry
-Changes your weapon to the one selected
-Opens the aspect menu for the selected weapon

Spawn enemy :
Any Perilous Foes entry
Note : Enemies will just stand still if not spawned during a run

Start Boss fight :
Megaera, Alecto, Tisiphone, Bone Hydra, Asterius, Theseus, Hades entry
Boss Fight Instructions :


Commands :

All commands and special commands can be used from the Commands tab in the Codex

Clear all boons - Zagreus entry
Launch greater call - Achilles entry
Open Keepsake Rack - Cerberus entry
Open Charon Well - Charon entry
Open Pool of Purging - Hypnos entry
Suicide - Skelly entry

Special commands :

Open Custom Mirror of Night - Nyx entry
-All upgrades are free
-All unlocks are free
-Refund is free and auto reopens mirror
-Added reopen mirror button

Note: Using the refund button will always refund 0 darkness, give yourself a key and refund on the regular mirror to not lose your darkness the first time you use this.
When swapping upgrades you need to click on the reopen button to set the prices to 0 again.

Open Boon Manager - Eurydice entry
How to use the boon manager :


Save current state - Orpheus entry (see video for demonstration)
This command will save :
-All your boons + boon rarity
-Weapon + aspect + aspect level

Note : You need to change rooms after using this command to save it.
You can only have one saved state per save file. 
Be cautious when swapping save files!

Load saved state - Patroclus entry
Note : Will remove every boon other than the saved ones

Open Resource Menu - Commands tab
Opens a menu that lets you spawn any resource in any amount you want. Use the buttons to select a resource and amount then click the spawn button.

Other :

Mod List - Commands tab
Lists all the mods you have installed. Can only list mods registered with Mod Utility.

How to install :

Video tutorial :

Text version :

How to uninstall :

-Make sure you are not in a run when you exit the game!
-Delete CodexMenu_PonyWarrior in Mods folder
-Run modimporter

How to update :
-Extract new archive into game folder and replace existing files. Also check installation instructions for possible changes.

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